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My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models!

This is a list of my own personal favorite Miku models. I hope you like them, too. My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models I have ranked these models by their qualities; like Rig, Facials, Textures, and etc. Raycast If you want to know which Shader is used in these pictures… it’s Raycast! First we have […]


Delete Miku and Learn About the Sample Dance Stage Lights

How do I use the stage lights. Use Dummy Bones to move the stage lights. Use Dummy bones to animate accessories. Using Dummy Bones. Opening multiple dummy bones. Delete Miku and Learn About the Sample Dance Stage Lights The MikuMikuDance Sample.pmm dance is busy with plenty of examples of what can be done and how […]


Top-10 Best “motion-maker” MMDers on YouTube

My picks for some of the… Top-10 Best “motion-maker” MMDers on YouTube Hello, everyone! TaiGaO here! This time, as the title suggests, I have compiled and will showcase a list of some the most talented MMDers who have impressive and inspiring stories and wonderful MMD animations. To make this clear, the order you see here […]


Collecting MMD Models, Music and Accessories for Beginners

"Gothic Teto" by Nigamon and "Mouse Cursor" by SachiShirakawa

How do you download MikuMikuDance models? How do you download music for MMD? How do you get Miku Miku Dance motions? Where do you download stuff for MMD? Where do you download MMD models? I Just Downloaded Miku Miku Dance! So  …  Now What? Okay!    You’ve just downloaded MMD (The latest DirectX version,I hope). You […]


MMD Mother Bones Allow Easy Dancer Model Movement From Stage Center

MMD Models with a Mother Bone are easy to move on your stage.

What are MMD Mother Bones in MikuMikuDance? Where is the Mother Bone in my MMD model? How do I use the Mother Bone in Miku Miku Dance? Mother Knows Best … MMD Motherbones! You’ve downloaded MMD. Now what? As you have guessed right now, MMD is a VERY bare bones program. All you get is […]


Dummy Bones Hold Accessories in MikuMikuDance

What is the proper use of accessories in MikuMikuDance? How do you use accessories in MMD? How do I move accessories? How do I animate accessories in Miku Miku Dance? Use Dummy Bones to Move Accessories on your stage. Checking the Keywords readers use to find LearnMMD.com, this week it seems that “the proper use […]

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