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My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models!

A feature article by GloriaTheAnimator!This is a list of my own personal favorite Miku models. I hope you like them, too.

My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models

I have ranked these models by their qualities; like Rig, Facials, Textures, and etc.


If you want to know which Shader is used in these pictures… it’s Raycast!

First we have  by Rummy DmikuV3 (PokkapokaP)

I really like this model cuz it’s cute and it has alot of spheres (spa files) and those spa on the model look amazing!

My Rating:

  • modeling 8
  • physics 6
  • textures 7


Appearance Miku by Mamama

It’s a really cute model. I like it. It is really popular for pvs and mvs too… one of the more well known models in the MMD Community.

My Rating:

  • modeling 7
  • physics 8
  • textures 7


TDA Miku by TDA (Kanekoranou edit)

It is the most popular type models in the whole MMD Community and, in my opinion, it is kinda over-used. It is pretty and some of them are high quality they are not bad, but remember that there are allways other pretty models.

My Rating:

  • modeling 7
  • physics 7
  • textures 8


PDX Snow Miku 2017 by ???

I really like PDA models. they are really nice and of OK quality… and i really like the designs of them. Go project diva!…  make more pretty models.

My Rating:

  • modeling 8
  • physics 8
  • textures 7


yyb miku

It is original, not over-used, beautiful, and high quality. I just really love yyb models; they are so quality!

My Rating:

  • modeling 8
  • physics 8
  • textures 8



MikuV4X by Digitrevx

This is one of my favorite MMD models of all time!

It has amazing physics, amazing textures, and I love how accurate it is to the original illustration… and it is really pretty… it is perfect! Keep on making more amazing models Digitrevx!

My Rating:

  • modeling 10
  • physics 10
  • textures 10

Well, that’s all for now!

Next article of mine will be about ray cast. Bai bai, fellas!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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