Using the SpotLight Effect in MikuMikuEffects

How do you use the SpotLight Effect in MMD? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do you get the SpotLight Effect for A Feature Article by contributor ARIZONA on LearnMMD.comMikuMikuEffects?

Spotlights are great when you want to make your model and video stand out. You can download the SpotLight Effect at Mince’s site at:!108&cid=EF581C37A4524EDA  (It will be labeled as SpotLight2.0). After you download the effect, move it to your Effects folder and extract it there. You’ll see three items: an options folder; a readme file and an application called SpotLightGenerator. Now a little tip, copy the file path listed in your window’s dialog box.  When you open the SpotLightGenerator it will display a file path make sure it matches the one displayed in your windows. If it doesn’t, then paste the path you had copied. Next click the Run button at the bottom right.

In the SpotLight.

Before you run any effects, make sure you have MMEffects properly loaded in MMD. (See Noko2’s article about downloading and installing MME for MikuMikuDance Open MikuMikuDance and load your model, motion, stage and wav files (you do need a stage for the effect to show). Click on the MMEffects button at the top right of your screen. Select the model and stage and anything else you want affected. Go to your SpotLight2.0 folder and click on SpotLight1_Object. Then everything in the display panel will turn black. Don’t panic! This is normal for this effect and click OK in the Map Effect Window.

Kaito and the SpotLight Effect on next have to load your spotlight model. Go to your Model Manipulation Panel (MMP) and make your way all the way back to your SpotLight folder. This time you’ll see the options folder inside that are the SpotLightModel and SpotLightModel_IK models. Choose either one and it will show up in the display panel. (Tip: copy/paste these two models into their own folder inside MMD’s Model folder. That way you don’t have to wander all the way around your user file). At this point, uncheck the disp box and register that in the MMP. Otherwise, the spotlight model will be in your way whenever you move the spotlight.

Come to the Light.

Select the camera/light/accessory option in the MMP. The Accessory Manipulation Panel (AMP) is where you need to click the load button. Go to you SpotLight folder and select SpotLight1. The spotlight is now on and appearing at the model’s knees. We now need to move it to a more useful place. In the AMP, the selection field that reads ground, click the down arrow and pick SpotLightModel. In the field next to that use the down arrow to select main and you’re done loading it up.

You can now use the SpotLightModel as you would any other model. Using the MMP, it has bones that can be moved, manipulated and registered like any other motion data. The AMP’s Si (size) and Tr (transparency) fields allow further adjustments.

I uploaded a video spotlighting this effect (I couldn’t help using that pun.) to our YouTube account at: .

Have fun with this.


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