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House Curtains now included in the Auditorium Stage Download

Where can I get curtains for my LearnMMD Stage?

House Curtains now included in the Auditorium Stage Download ZIP!

I have added a curtain panel accessory in 4 colors to the LearnMMD Auditorium Stage download. You can add these and manipulate into position by attaching them to Dummy Bones.

UPDATE: 3/25/12: The Auditorium Stage May Need a Fix:

Mount the LearnMMD Stage to a Dummy Bone and set the Y-Value in the Numreic Input (in the Bones menu) to -.2 (minus point 2) to set the stage floor right at ZERO so that the dancer’s feet and the Floorlight accessory will be flat on the floor.

Move the house curtains into place using Dummy Bones.

I have in mind that this new drape will The download includes 4 colors of curtains.be placed, as shown … but you can even load it four times, attaching each to a different dummy bone, and change the color of the whole stage set as you line the walls with the new drapes. You can animate a “curtain going up!” or a curtain call.

Have fun with it!


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