BOX-sel lets you select an entire model in MikuMikuDance

What is BOX-sel? How do you use the BOX-sel button? How do you move MMD models with BOX-sel?A Feature Article by contributor ARIZONA on

Thinking Inside the BOX-sel

Have you ever had someone ask you an earnest question and you felt they would be really disappointed in the answer?  That’s what I’m going through with the Box select function in MikuMikuDance. Box select is a function that allows you to move and rotate a model, in its entirety, from the center and move it elsewhere.BOX-Sel lets you select the entire model so you can flip her around as you wish!

Whenever you load a model in MMD, the center bone is preselected (highlighted). At this point, if you clicked on the rotate selection in the Model Manipulation sub menu a red and blue bisected green circle and a hand popped up. Click on the circle and rotate the model. It’s rather hideous right? If you used the Box select, then the model would just rotate around the center. Please note that if the model has a Mother bone then, more often than not, it will be highlighted. All manipulations will then occur from that point and not the center. So make doubly sure that you have the correct rotation point. Now please stop abusing your model and let’s continue…You cannot use BOX-Sel to select a portion of a model. You must selectthe entire MMD model.

How to use the Box Select Function in MMD.

First, make sure your model’s center bone is selected. Now go to the Model Manipulation sub menu and click the BOX-sel button.

This next step is important. Click and drag a box around the ENTIRE model. If any part of the model is not within the box then it won’t work. You’ll know something’s wrong if the move and rotate buttons are greyed out.

At this point, you can now pick up, Use BOX-Sel to select an entire model in MMD. The rollers "light" when you have done it correctly.move and rotate the model and not worry about having the model’s feet and legs being pulled toward the center axis or at least not have them look like they were horribly maimed in an accident.


The biggest downside to the BOX select function is that it can only be used in concert with the center bone or Mother bone. You can’t BOX select multiple bone positions and copy/paste them to their opposite counterparts. You can’t use BOX-sel to rotate a model and their motion data to dance in a different direction. You can’t just pick up the model with preloaded motion data, place it elsewhere register the new position and have it stay there (Although it will stay, if the model has a Mother bone. Then again, just use the MB).

I’ll have to admit that I don’t use this function all that much. Although I could see that it might be handy if you’re setting up a BOX-Sel lets you select an entire MMD model so you can move her as you wish.multi-model screen shot. You could possibly use this if you’re making a skit in which your model is frozen with fear or trying to act like a statue. This could be useful for motion data involving some tumbling and gymnastic moves.  Another use would be if you want your model to fly through the air like a superhero.

This is one of those functions that is good to know but not really used all that much. It’s kind of like knowing how to jump start a car; not a daily occurrence, but you’re glad you know how to do it when you need it.

Have fun trying this out.


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