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Departures Meme Is a Beautiful MMD Project

"Departures" meme for MMD is a beauty! Memes are like KITS for MMD!

Departures Meme Is a Beautiful MMD Project A few days ago I found a cute Chibi-Miku model … and yesterday I discovered the “Departures” meme for MikuMikuDance on YouTube. For me, it was the perfect match.   Watch the video … study that lip-sync


Create an MMD Video using the “Happy Hands” Meme

Everything is loaded and ready to "Play!" ... Happy Hands MMD Meme.

Let’s put together the “Happy Hands”  meme! A meme is a quick and easy way to generate an MMD animation and video. They are a great way to show off your latest models, too! A meme is like a kit that you open and assemble in MikuMikuDance. It will have a motion file and a […]


Create and Post 1 or 2 videos a day? VocaloidAnime1924 does!

VocaloidAnime1924 creates a video and posts to YouTube almost everyday! Wish you could just bang out a new MMD video whenever you wanted to? This Japanese artist does just that! She finishes and posts several videos a week … even more than one a day! See Vocaloidanime1924’s YouTube Channel for her collection of works. This […]


MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI

When MMD 7.39 crashes you lose any unsaved changes. Save Often!

MMd crashes when I render to avi. Why does MMD crash? Avoid MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI MikuMikuDance is a stable program that runs smoothly. I recently experienced a series of crashes while I was attempting to save my animations as a video. After several tries, with the same result: I restarted my computer […]


Dueling Banjos w Metronome MMD Inspiration Video on YouTube

Dueling Banjos with Metronome MMD Inspiration Video is now on YouTube! I needed to see some progress on my “Dueling Banjos” project, so I made this video just to put a smile on my face. We see the metronome ticking-out the tempo along with my “Dueling Banjos” models and accessories onstage just to inspire me […]


Use MMD Memes to get Motion and WAV Files for MikuMikuDance!

How do I use MikiMikuDance? What do I do first? How do I move my models in MMD? How can I learn Miku Miku Dance? What are MMD memes? Use MMD Memes to get Motion and WAV Files for MikiMikuDance! Internet memes (rhymes with “seems”) are a modern phenomenon where a simple idea is copied […]

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