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Delete Miku and Learn About the Sample Dance Stage Lights

How do I use the stage lights. Use Dummy Bones to move the stage lights. Use Dummy bones to animate accessories. Using Dummy Bones. Opening multiple dummy bones. Delete Miku and Learn About the Sample Dance Stage Lights The MikuMikuDance Sample.pmm dance is busy with plenty of examples of what can be done and how […]


Storyboards organize your MMD animation

How do I make a storyboard for my MMD animation? Why would I create a storyboard? Can I make storyboards for my MikuMikuDance video? Crafting a Scene in MMD — Making a Storyboard Before you start any project, you need some sort of plan.  Traditionally, animators and filmmakers will rely on a storyboard, or a […]


Collecting MMD Models, Music and Accessories for Beginners

"Gothic Teto" by Nigamon and "Mouse Cursor" by SachiShirakawa

How do you download MikuMikuDance models? How do you download music for MMD? How do you get Miku Miku Dance motions? Where do you download stuff for MMD? Where do you download MMD models? I Just Downloaded Miku Miku Dance! So  …  Now What? Okay!    You’ve just downloaded MMD (The latest DirectX version,I hope). You […]


.vpd Pose Files help you demo new MMD Models

Download Reggie's pose collection ... includes his and pose collection!

What are .vpd pose files? Why have .vpd pose files in Miku MikuDance? How do I make .vpd pose files in MikuMikuDance? Use .vpd Pose Files to quickly pose new models! Keep a collection of pose files handy so that you can quickly add a nice pose to your models. I have only a small […]


Physical Operations Tab in MikuMikuDance 7.39 Menu Options

What’s the physical operation tab for in MMD 7.39? What is the difference between Anytime and Only Playtime on the Physics tab in Miku Miku Dance 7.39? The Physical Operations tab … If you are an MMD newbie, than you need to know about these tabs! — You open up MMD and then Hatsune Miku. […]


Using the Gravity Settings in MikuMikuDance

ZERO-GRAVITY Day on the beach in MMD!. Use Gravity Settings and Noize to make winds blow.

What are the gravity settings in MMD? How do you use the gravity settings in mmd? What does Noize mean in MikuMikuDance? Breaking Wind … How MMD Gravity Settings  Work MikuMikuDance is a very strange world. The usual laws of physics don’t apply. Models can fly and move through “solid” objects, each other, and themselves. […]

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