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Use Center Position Bias to Move Models in MMD

How do you get MikuMikuDance models out of the center? What is Center Position Bias? How do you use more than one MMD model at a time? When do I use negative numbers in Miku Miku Dance numeric input?A Feature Article by contributor ARIZONA on LearnMMD.com

Coordinate Coordination …

Remember in your more lucid moments in Math class when you studied graphing? You thought to yourself “When am I ever going to use this stuff?” “Does this really exist in the real world?” “How can I fake my death when report cards come out?” Well, here it is. Your math teachers are, probably, laughing at you right now- I hope you paid attention!

Editor’s Note: Center Position Bias is a powerful tool as described in this article. Another way to do this is to use the model’s “motherbone”… which moves the model and takes the model’s motion with it. See our articles about using the motherbone and how to add a motherbone to your models.

The world of MMD is a very structured world. When you first opened it up, all you found was a barren grid and a Display Coordinate Axis (That green vertical line in the middle). The grid is divided up into a 20×20 field made up of 400 individual squares. Each square is a unit with a value of 5 (five of “what” I don’t know) and has positive and negative values.

When you load any model they will, by default, open at the origin (dead center)The X Axis moves things Left and Right. of all X, Y and Z axes. So if you want to make your models move anywhere on the grid you have to physically place it there. This is where you have to use the Center Position Bias function.

At this point, I want to give you three little phrases that will help you remember each axis:

X is side to side.

Y is up and down.

Z is forward and back.The Y Axis moves things Up and Down.

If you want to set this to your favorite melody in order to help you remember then by all means do it. Please refer to the illustrations for more clarification. Also remember (in MMD) direction is referenced from the model’s point of view. Example: Go to the View field and click on Left, and it will show you the model’s left side-just like on a theatre stage, it is a backward world.

The Z Axis moves things Towards and Away.


to move your model and her motion data
to a new spot on the stage.

The first step is to load your model(s). Then, load the motion data you want to use. If you are using more than one model you have to load the motion data to each and every model and THEN reposition the model (NOTE: This is a good habit to develop, otherwise your model will just start at the point programed by the motion data).

Now go to the Model Manipulation field and select the model you want to move.

Next, go to the main menu bar and choose the EDIT menu and click on the select all bone frame option.

Multiple models on-stage thanks to MMD's Center Position Bias!Go back to the EDIT menu and this time you select the apply center position bias, at the very bottom of that list. A small chart will pop up and this is where you enter the coordinates you want for your model.  For instance, enter “-20” in the X field and “30” in the Z field and see where your model is placed. This would be a good time to practice different coordinates and do be prepared to do some math. Remember, each move is from the model’s current position (you can also just hit Undo). You’re not restricted to multiples of 5 try “27” or any other number in these fields. The These models are from the Dark Model Collection by Dario Marks.more time you spend getting familiar with this function, the more time you will save later on (as well as your tears and sanity).

When you get to exactly where you want your model don’t forget to click Register in the Model Manipulation field. Otherwise, your character will just fly back to its last registered position. If you’re like me and just ever so slightly OCD you can go the Bone menu option and select numeric input and see exactly where your model is located.

Have fun with this.


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  1. Andru Andru
    July 13, 2018    

    I think this was not what im looking for :c,
    im trying to make my model backflip, but when i pose all the frames
    of the rotation, the automatically generated frames mess up, making
    the backflip lose the center of rotation and it looks all ugly.
    is there a way of applying a center of rotation to a model so it can spin smoothly and nice?
    (im sorry for my bad english).

    • July 14, 2018    

      You can create a center of gravity for your models, but this is more about model editing. Try learning some PMXE and creating a new bone, to which you can parent your center or your UB+LB bones. MMD’s standard of a center bone well below CoG has always struck me as odd….

      For implementing a backflip, it’s doable without editing a model, but you probably need more keyframes than you’re using– usually the case when talking about the interpolated (automatically generated) frames messing the motion up.

    • July 14, 2018    

      A quick and dirty way to create a rotation center would be using Outside Parent setting: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/outside-parent-setting/ . You don’t need PMXE editing to do that – simply place a dummy bone somewhere above model’s pelvis and attach the motherbone to it (or the center bone; this way feet won’t follow the rotation and will need to be handled separately, but that’s necessary for a realistic motion). Make sure you hit both OP Register *and* Frame Register so that the attached bone would not drag the body towards the anchor and stay where it is.

  2. LollyPop LollyPop
    June 14, 2018    

    I would like to have a more demonic Miku and an Angelic miku stand back to back. So, I move the Angelic Miku to be behind the demonic miku. The only problem I have is the feet are still dragged to the center. How do I fix it so Miku is just standing and not floating on her tip-toes to the center?

    • LollyPop LollyPop
      June 14, 2018    

      Nevermind. I wasn’t looking at all the bone options.

  3. Sapphire Sapphire
    November 20, 2016    

    So, i did all that and it still does it

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      November 20, 2016    

      There was an error in those instructions… I just found it and I have edited the article to fix it.
      The article was written in the era of MMD 7.39 when there was a FRAME Menu option. Since then, the options have been moved into the EDIT Menu. If you follow the instructions, you will find the proper menu choices in the Edit menu. It will work for you; I just now tried it and it worked for me. Remember that each square on the grid has a value of 5… so to move 3 squares, enter a value of 15 … or -15… For Left/Right… that’s the X value… a minus-number, a negative number, will move the model to the left and a positive number, to the right.
      Go carefully… it will work.

      • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
        November 21, 2016    

        I did some research and editing to fix several posts with poor instructions… they were left-over from the early “MMD 7.39” days… which referenced menus that are no longer part of MMD. I will be on the look-out for others that need repair!

  4. January 25, 2016    

    Oh, many thanks, this worked for me. :D
    I was having troubles with some models.
    They were pulling back to original position when clicking the “Play”.

    • Jenna Jenna
      February 16, 2016    

      It still is for me. :(

  5. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 21, 2014    

    Never mind! For anyone else who might be wondering, the options are under edit.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous
    December 21, 2014    

    Where is the frame menu in 9.22?

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