Translate Japanese Model Names into English

How can I translate Japanese model names in MMD? How do I read A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comJapanese file names? My MikuMikuDance model has a Japanese name, how can I read it?

Translate Japanese Model Names into English!

Swimsuit Wind … Who knew!

You probably have models with names that look like this:

List of Japanese model names in MikuMikuDance on translate Japanese Model names.

I wanted to learn the name of the model I had always called “Bikini Miku” … after using this little trick to translate Japanese model names, it turns out her name is “Swimsuit Wind” … Who knew??

I use Google Translate to tell me the name.

First, one-click to select the model’s Japanese file name. Then, wait a moment and click it again to highlight the letters of the name … and COPY those letters.

Highlight the file's name so that you can "control c" copy those letters.

I copy it by doing a “control c” … or you can right click the type and select COPY. Then click off to the side of the screen, somewhere, to un-select that name.

Read Japanese webpages in (almost) English using Google Translate!

Go to …

This a handy site for those of us who are Japanese impaired “:o). … It does a terrible job of translating Japanese …

… but we can often get the gist of what is written.


Click the buttons, there, to translate from Japanese to English … and Paste your file name into the Japanese side …

You will see the translation in the English window.

Now you know … !


I don’t think you want to change your file names … I wouldn’t do it. But, at least you can know your model’s original name!


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