Find MMD Tempo using Metronome with AVI Video Background

How do I find the tempo in my MMD 7.39 dance? How do I keep time to the music in MikuMiukDance 7.39? How do you use the metronome?

Find MMD Tempo using Metronome with AVI Video Background

My new “Dueling Banjos” project presents an extra challenge in that the tempo is constantly changing! I needed a way to find the beat.

The “oscilloscope” view of my WAV file was almost useless because the guitar and banjo music creates a constant sharp chatter, often covering the entire spectrum and so obliterating a view of the beat.

Here’s a clip of the video I created using a “live” video background AVI:

I filmed my old Grampa clapping to the music as an Mpeg using my nice ol’ Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 digital camera. I converted the Mpeg into an AVI file by opening it in NERO 7 and exporting Download your free Metronome PMM dance file with an AVI file. I then opened MMD, opened a NEW dance and set that AVI to run in the background. Finally, I animated my LearnMMD Metronome  over the  top of it.

Luckily, I didn’t see any tempo loss or gain by going through all of these steps. The resulting animation and video still run true to my original WAV file.

As I animated the Metronome, I corrected for Grampa’s errors and adjusted the metronome to better match the “scope” if I saw a difference. The resulting “beat” looks to be very close to “perfect” … so now I can move on with the project!


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