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Translate PMX models to English using a PMX editor

How do I translate PMX models into English? All my new model’s bones are named Null! How can I fix the bone names in my Japanese model? I need to change the Null names into real bone names. Translate PMX model bone names into English! A few months ago I made a video tutorial about […]


Fixing Missing Facial Manipulation Tabs in MikuMikuDance.

Why do some models not have any facial tabs? Why doesn’t my model have any facial information? My model has blanks in the facial fields? Why do some models facial tabs appear but others do not? So, you just downloaded what might be the coolest model you can imagine over on Bowlroll. You go to […]


Fix MMD Missing Model Options using PMDE

How can I fix the missing model options in MMD 8.03? Why don’t I have all of the old facial slider-options for my MikuMikuDance models? The new MMD 8.03 doesn’t show my old model facial options. How do I fix the new MMD to show all of the model options? Fix MMD Model Options hidden in […]


Translate Japanese Models to English with Google Translate and PMDE

Help! My new MMD model has no English bone names and is missing all of the Facial adjustments! Why are the Facial adjustments blank? Why can I see the facials only in Japanese mode? Recover English Bone Names … Translate Japanese Models into English! Your Japanese PMD models will be so much easier to use! […]

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