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No MikuMikuDance MMD in India… can it be?

Visit LearnMMD's Video Channel on YouTube: Videos from LearnMMD's team of writers!Is there a following for MMD in India? Is MikuMikuDance popular in India? When an Indie uploads an MMD video, does he upload it to YouTube?

No MikuMikuDance MMD in India…
can it be? Why don’t we get the visits?

I think there is an interest in MMD in India... but they should visit LearnMMD.com!These days, LearnMMD.com gets almost 15,000 visits a week from around the globe… but only about 65 or 70 visits from India. The United States has a population of nearly 350-million people and LearnMMD gets about 5,000 visits a week from the USA… and I have heard that India has almost 350-million middle-class families! … Why does our web-page get only seventy visits a week?

INDIA is online… why not with us?

I think there is an interest in MMD in India... but they should visit LearnMMD.com!

India’s population is about FOUR-TIMES the population of the United States… and they have 60% more internet users than the USA… and yet almost no one in India visits LearnMMD.com

Where can Indies learn about MMD?

LearnMMD.com, of course! As MikuMikuDance catches-on in India, I hope the new MMD enthusiasts visit LearnMMD.com to learn from us and to leave comments… and perhaps to write for us, as well.

MikuMikuDance in India? … let’s do it!


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  1. indianninja indianninja
    July 6, 2017    

    I am from India and recently trying MMD..Lets see…when the people here gets out of facebook.

    • August 3, 2017    

      Do keep us posted on your projects. If you have an account on a video sharing website we will be happy to watch.

  2. Rainbonime Rainbonime
    December 9, 2016    


    I think most of the traffic could be from me, actually. Most of my issues with MMD get solved here, except for MMD not running in windows 10 //silent screaming

    I have never met another MMD user of my nationality, it gets lonely sometimes ;u;

    Cheers, from Tamil Nadu, India!

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      December 9, 2016    

      Chat us up with your friends… Tell them all about Miku and MMD… YOU could be the start of something BIG! :).

      • Rainbonime Rainbonime
        December 9, 2016    

        Problem is, I try so hard to convince them like, “Hey guys, tRY THIS COOL tHING” (to the point that I made a MMD short, the self destruct meme but with me animating it from scratch, exclusively for inserting it discreetly in a Computer project, and no one batted an eyelid!) And they think anime in general is a waste of time, let alone Vocaloid and by extension MMD

        They seem more inclined to what is trending in the States
        I only met a smatter of anime fans here and there, and none irl who have heard of Vocaloid, it drives me mad sometimes.

        • December 10, 2016    

          Well, anime and vocaloids are the biggest chunk and the primary source of MMD, but not the only thing that exists there. If you look at deviantArt and search for MMD models, you’ll discover that there are ones depicting characters from many various video games and TV shows, not at all anime related. I’ve seen Doctor Who, Five Nights at Freddie, Star Wars models, etc, not even searching for those. My own passion are models of Portal games’ characters, and I’ve got a *lot* of stuff. Surely you’ll find something that will draw your friends’ interest as well.

          • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
            December 10, 2016    

            I just searched Deviant Art for MMD India… and found only 87 results, of which only a few related to Indies and India… but I did find a couple of models attempting to “look” the part. Perhaps these new Indie models performing India’s popular music would put a smile on faces?
            Maybe we need to set up an inter-school competition, an international competition, to create the best MMD rendition of an Indie classic pop-song… we ask you to pick the song and advertise the competition on LearnMMD… lifting MMD from the sidelines into a competitive focal point… ?
            …. just dreaming :).

            • Rainbonime Rainbonime
              December 11, 2016    

              For the record, the saris are not badly rendered at all! Shanti is a bit of generic name though, but she may as well fill the part!

              Damn, I’d love something like that! I am not up to date with movies though ;u;.
              ((I’d probably recommend Ladio first hahaha, because everyone deviates to hindi songs and dammit, I want a MMD render of that song, but I am still a beginner))

          • Rainbonime Rainbonime
            December 11, 2016    

            Most (nearly all actually) are inclined to bollywood movies, and other things. I don’t know people who actually interested in that aspect. THE absolute most is a chunk of Harry Potter fans

            I think it is the location I stay in. Maybe if I move to a metropolitan city, I will have more luck! //silent cheering

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