Barbarians disregarding creative rights destroy MMD for all of us.

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHi guys… I went to bed thinking about this problem, again… and you know… there’s nothing we can do. … the barbarians win.

Barbarians disregarding creative rights destroy MMD for all of us.

Each of us needs to be pure, ourselves. We can write the occasional “Rant” article on LearnMMD or Deviant Art… I have written a couple, LearnMMD’s little NicoleNakano has written one in which she clearly expresses her indignation… there are several “Keep the Faith” articles on LearnMMD and I included a paragraph about KTF in most PMDE tutorials… Our “model collecting” articles aimed at Newbies mention KTF… In my writings I mention the KTF ideas as often as it seems appropriate to do so. Silent Headset’s full -page “Make a Model” tutorials include large KTF blurbs…

Nothing more can be done. … It’s like writing a political blog; people who agree with you will read it. Those opposed, or those who don’t care, will not read it.

Troll… that’s what’s left… vigilante operations… but who wants to get into an internet-wide profanity-match… ? … the barbarians would win it, anyway.

We have had copyright discussions… thought about actual legal-action possibilities… but nothing will come of it. …

The truth is:   If you share something online with anybody, it’s gone. You like to feel you have rights… but it’s gone.

MMDers who recognize their obligations will Keep the Faith. … Those who do not, will not.

Keep the Faith MMD! Keep MikuMikuDance Free. Be a responsible member of the Community. Know the rules.I believe in the artist’s right to own his creations and appreciate that he shares it with us… but… that’s just me.

— Reggie Dentmore


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