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Weight Painting MMD models in Blender with MMD Tools

How can I paint BDEF4?  How can I paint weights in Blender?  What tools are available for weight painting MMD models? Weight painting can be difficult and tedious– especially in an application like PMXE, which doesn’t have all of the tools of more professional 3D modelling packages.  In this tutorial, I’m going to show you […]


PMXE weight painting tools and deformation types for new MMD models

What is weight painting? What is skinning? How can I paint weights in PMXE? What is BDEF? What is SDEF? Weight painting, sometimes known as skinning, is my least favorite part of making a model. If you want to paint weights, it’s important to understand as much as possible about the tools and terminology to […]


PMDE Q&A – Making clothes follow model motions

My model’s clothing doesn’t work. How do I fix my broken model? How do I make my model’s clothes move with the model’s motions? Why do my model’s arms pass through the clothing as if there was nothing there? PMDE Q&A: Answering a Reader’s Questions Hello everyone! Your favorite host, Hiiro-chan is here!! Because of […]


About changing models skirts using PMD Editor PMXE

We get questions … … and we answer them! Adding a skirt to a model using PMD Editor Is there a way to select only bones for the clothes and not the body? A reader emails: —–Original Message—– From: Reader To: reggiedentmore Sent: Mon, Feb 16, 2015 5:09 pm Subject: PMX Editor and clothes Hello! […]


Editing Model Materials in PMDE for MikuMikuDance PMD and PMX Models

What are materials in MMD models? What is their purpose? How can I divide materials into smaller parts and what could be gained from that? Manipulate models in PMDE more efficiently by using materials As you possibly know, an MMD model is divisible into “materials” – blocks of vertices sharing the same texture file or […]


Rig a Model: Adding and weighting bones with PMDE

Let the model itself help you to align its bones!

Help! I downloaded a model, but it has no bones! What am I to do? Can I be adding and weighting bones with PMDE? How do I add bones to my MMD model? What is bone weighting? How do I weight bones? How can I fix a ripped model in MikuMikudance? How to rig a […]

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