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Win 7 Virtual Machine Runs MMD on MAC and Linux

See all of the articles by LearnMMD's Kurea Urusuta!How can I run MMD on a MAC? Find out how a virtual machine runs MMD on a MAC. How do I setup a virtual machine to run MikuMikuDance on a MAC?

Windows 7 Virtual Machine runs MMD MikuMikuDance on MAC or Linux!

My old post said "not on a MAC"... but now, a Win 7 virtual machine runs MMD on a MAC!After I wrote my post on “Why MMD cannot run on MAC computers”, I began to do more research as I discovered that people CAN install Windows on their machines using Bootcamp and other software. I find the software around shops all the time and they are pretty pricey and I haven’t had much success with the software… but I found an easy and genuine way to get a virtual Windows working on other operating systems through Microsoft’s website with VirtualBox!

Learn how to download and install a Win 7 virtual machine to run MMD on a MAC!

SEE MY NEWEST Full-Page ARTICLE where I will show you how to install a Windows 7 virtual machine that will be able to run MikuikuDance!

Of course, not all MACs, not all computers, can RUN a virtual machine… or have the disc-space or graphics cards to manage it! My article describes some of these concerns… but you will have to discover, for yourself, if your machine is up to the task.

See how to download and install a virtual machine that may allow you to run MMD on your MAC!

I hope it works for you!


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  1. Lightning Lightning
    May 8, 2019    

    hi i was wondering if there is a Chromebook version of this because i really want to use mmd on my school Chromebook and i can’t bring my pc with me because it is too old and it can break

    • May 8, 2019    

      No, MMD is purely Windows software.

      • Lightning Lightning
        May 10, 2019    

        oh ok thanks for the response

  2. Everest Everest
    March 31, 2019    

    I’m not sure if I can run this on my MacBook Air…Can you please reply to see if I can? I love to watch MMD on youtube and I think it’s really cool!

    • March 31, 2019    

      You will have to try and find out. All instructions are outlined in this article, now it’s up to you.

  3. Daniela P. Daniela P.
    December 20, 2016    

    There are MMD apps for Mac, specifically MMDA12 and nanoem, but I don’t know how to work those things.

  4. Tia Lyles Tia Lyles
    July 29, 2016    

    Thank you my friend is a mac user and she wants to play mmd but don’t know how. We got the virtul system so yeah thanks learnmmd again

    • Anthony Anthony
      August 13, 2016    

      How is she finding it?
      I’m interested too.

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