The Making of “Hell To Your Doorstep” MMD Animation and Video

Okay so it’s no surprise I’ve been fascinated with The Count of Monte Cristo lately… even more so after I completed the song
I Know Those Eyes This Man is Dead.

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The Making of
“Hell To Your Doorstep”
My MMD Animation and Video

… but I wanted to tackle a song from that show that hit me even harder… Hell To Your Doorstep, an epic tale of revenge… a scene showcasing what he wants to do to those that wronged him… and thus I decided to tackle it because I too, in my life, had been wronged by people and I wanted to unleash my feeling in this song.

Now this was not a song I could just animate like any old MMD video. It had to be epic! It had to portray anger and true hate! After thinking about it, I actually acted out the whole scene in front of a mirror to figure out what I wanted to do…

Yes there is footage… No, I’m not showing you that video.

Anyways, back to the point.  So now I know what I needed to do: I needed to start off slow, portray the ideas of hate through color: blue for solemn anger, and red for powerful anger… that, coupled with crushing fire, set up the scene perfectly.

U se colr and fire to set the stage and express emotions in my video "Hell To Your Doorstep".

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Hell To Your Doorstep is my latest dramatic/action video.

Next I had to figure out a way to portray time passing but in song form. This stumped me for a bit but with the combination of aura.pmd and burnner x64.x I was able to make a working clock that could speed up to show that time was lost for our hero.

With the combination of aura.pmd and burnner x64.x I was able to make a working clock that could speed up.

Next was deciding upon my first victim. I chose a blue overlay for him to represent law which would represent vila for in this instance the spiteful and cruel judge. As for the model, I just wanted something that looked imposing… so, Reinhardt worked well. I had him begging for forgiveness towards the camera… then he looks up to the sky knowing what’s about to happen. A meteor comes crashing down sealing our foe’s fate. This was meant to represent the power of one’s grudge.

Next was his lover, Mercédès Herrera, portrayed by Miku Hatsune who, in his eyes, left him to rot, and moved on. She is represented as a dispersing smoke, something that may have never truly been there, at all.

After that, we have Baron Danglars, a greedy and wretched man, whose greed, in the end, was his downfall. I felt it fitting for the model of Chara, a greedy demonic spirit, to play this role. In the end, he was burned alive with the money he loved so much… and I thought a yellow overlay was quite fitting to represent greed and cowardliness.

count de morcerf is his name  the count of mnte christo is glowing in an almost godlike glow whilst speaking to morcerf

And now we are lead to the Count, the Count of Monte Cristo is glowing in an almost godlike glow whilst speaking to Morcerf, played by Len Kagamine… Why Len you ask? Well, simple! Someone who once wronged me loved this character so I felt it fitting for my own personal vengeance… and the color of red was to represent pure unadulterated anger and betrayal

The last scene… this is the part where Edmund Dantes (the count of Monte Cristo) brings the full wrath of the sun down on them both to engulf them both in the flames of hell… “Why?”, you ask… because Edmund knew he must pay for HIS sins, as well, and so, with his last act, he brought the curtain down on them both. In other words, he let the cycle of revenge die… and this, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to a close: an epic tale of hate… of love…of betrayal… worthy of much more then I could ever do. I hope you enjoy it…

This is Zazi the Angel, signing off.


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