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Zazi’s Guide To Atmosphere in an MMD animation

Okay… so I know I have been over this before, but I have often been asked what creates an “atmosphere” in an animation? Zazi’s Guide To Atmosphere The answer might surprise you on how little it has to do with “placement” and how much it has to do with your own feelings. Let’s take a […]


Intentionally Build Dramatic Atmosphere into your MMD Animation

What makes a good animation Great? Well this is art; so it is subjective. But to me, there are three main steps to building a great animation… and they can all be summed up in one word… Atmosphere Atmosphere is the sense that the animation you are watching complements the song or adds a sense […]


Passion VS Work – Making Videos for your Fanbase

So, let’s talk for a moment about your YouTube channel’s “content-to-view” ratio and the importance of doing what you want… not what others want you to do… on YouTube. Follow your Passion… … and work to maintain your Fanbase on YouTube! When you start to accrue a fanbase through your animations, people will ask for […]


Finding Inspiration for your Animation

Animation direction and your brain Sometimes as an animator you just aren’t sure what to do… and it’s at this point that you start to ask yourself all those hard questions… Can I do this? Am I good enough? Is that too hard? Well, my friends… fear not. Until a few days ago, I didn’t […]


Make Your YouTube Channel Popular with Engrossing Introductions

Engrossing introduction segments can make your YouTube channel more popular. How can I build traffic on my YouTube Channel? How can I make my channel more popular? How can I get more views for my MMD videos? YouTube and MMD Videos Okay! …so, Fun Fact: YouTube MMD Videos Are Awesome! … but I bet you […]


The Power of Beamman’s Post Movie Effect

What is the Post Movie Effect? Where can I download the PostMovie effect? How do I use Beamman’s PostMovie effect? The Power of Beamman’s Post Movie Effect Okay… so I hope its no secret that an amazing new effect has surfaced on Beamman’s Effects page site it is called PostMovie and it has the power to […]

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