The Power of Beamman’s Post Movie Effect

See all the articles written by Zazi on LearnMMD.comWhat is the Post Movie Effect? Where can I download the PostMovie effect? How do I use Beamman’s PostMovie effect?

The Power of
Beamman’s Post Movie Effect

Okay… so I hope its no secret that an amazing new effect has surfaced on Beamman’s Effects page site Beamman's Post Movie effect is available from the Beamman's Effects is called PostMovie and it has the power to transform a normal animation into a masterpiece!

The effect changes the look of your animation from “something digital” to the look of a movie “shot on film”… a wonderful, almost emotional transformation.

Here are examples of what I am talking about, in picture form:

Beamman's Post Movie Effect adds a "shot on film" look to your animation.


… and here is what the animation can look like:

Several options…

There are three .x files to work with… alone or together… offering a variety of possible visual effects…

Beamman's PostMovie Effect offers a variety of "looks" for your video!

Change File Names of the .x and .fx files in Beamman's PostMovie effect... Post Movie Effect.

NOTE:  You must rename the .x and their associated .fx files with English names.

As you can see, I named mine 1, 2, and 3.

Now you can load the effect through the Accessory Manipulation Panel like any other effect. You can turn it ON and OFF by checking or unchecking the Display checkbox.

… more to discover!

This seems to be a Beta release… it easily runs on many systems and yet seems cranky on others. Those users encountering problems may have a graphics card issue or maybe even a DirectX issue.

There may be more variations possible. The ReadMe alludes to making X and Y adjustments… as well as Si and Tr adjustments…
… and a Controller? … I have not used the included .pmx model that looks to be a controller… giving variables to the Facial sliders. You will want to translate those sliders into English as you decipher the possibilities of the Controller.

The Error screen…

A black screen will envelop your stage, your entire scene, if the effect is not working properly.

If the effect is not working properly, your scene will be all dark.

Side Note:  When rendering or making a picture render, the effect will crash afterwards. In order to rectify this you must delete and re-add the effect, once more… and use in fullscreen only, not on half screen or snap screen.

– – –
EDITOR’s NOTE: Computer Power Required

I have seen some crazy things as I attempted to use theis effect!I saw some crazy-looking things as I tried to use this effect… and it has turned out, for me, that computer power/graphics card issues have been my problems.

If I close all other programs and run only MMD… and if I make the Stage View By making the stage view small, my computer CAN run Beamman's PostMovie effect.small… the effect will work for me on my XP system. CLICK the picture to see a large view.

I found that, even with a small view, the effect would often give me the black error screen. I find I can FORCE the effect to work by dragging the view to be as large as possible (still looks black) and then quickly dragging the view to a small size, causing the image to suddenly have to recalculate to show the smaller view… and the effect to work! … Once the effect was working, I can Render to AVI and the effect works perfectly in the resulting video. … Awesome!

Let us know YOUR experiences… leave a comment!



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