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ColorShift Effect Dances using VMDSpectrum Analyzer

How do I make ColorShift effect match the beat of the music? Use VMDSpectrum Analyzer to animate effects A reader asked us for help about making the ColorShift effect “to make the color appear on beat”. Well, “out of the box”, the effect has no such possibility. All that is available for controllong the vanilla […]


Understanding MME Render Targets for Miku Miku Dance Effects

How can I use MME? How can I use effects for MMD?  Can I hide MMD models from my mirror? Can I keep MMD models from casting shadows? How to edit effects for MMD? How to write new effects for MMD? Maybe you’ve had some time to play with MME effects for MMD. There are […]


Take full control of MME Effects by editing .fx files

How do I access MME effects’ internals? How can I setup MME effects to be more flexible? How can I fine-tune the settings of an effect? In which way can I modify Beamman’s Burner effect? Take full control of MME Effects by editing .fx files So, you’ve downloaded your new shiny Beamman’s so-and-so effect, and […]


Customize MME Effects by Editing .fx Files

How do I customize MME effects? Can I edit an MME effect’s .fx file? How can I control the parameters of an effect from the Accessory Manipulation Panel settings? How can I fine-tune the settings of a an effect? Customize MME Effects by Editing .fx Files! One of the laws of the nature states that […]


Download and Configure the OldTV MME Effect for MikuMikuDance

How do I use the OldTV MME Effect? It looks weird, how do I change its settings? How do I configure the OldTV MME Effect for MMD? An MMD MikuMikuDance MME Tutorial!   Learn to Configure the OldTV MME Effect! OldTV is an amusing effect that allows your video to look as if it was […]

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