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LearnMMD’s MikuMikuDance Animated GIFs Now Collected as a Bonus Page!

Can I use your animated gifs? Where can I get MMD MikuMikuDance animated gifs?

LearnMMD’s MikuMikuDance Animated GIFs Now Collected as a Bonus Page!


Editors Note 10/26/2015: The page is obsolete
Some time ago, the combined GIF collection page was taken down, so this article is no longer relevant. It only stays on LearnMMD as a legacy. We apologize to our readers for possible misdirection.

LearnMMD.com got it’s start in August of 2011Animated GIF Link Button to place on your pages if you like. Thanks! and since then has created quite a collection of Miku Miku Dance animated GIFs. Now they are collected onto a single page for your use and enjoyment. The link is added to the Bonus Pages tab, above and the actual address is this:


With all of those animations running at once, the new page is dazzling!

Most of the animations were created using a combination of MMD 7.39, Adobe Photoshop CS3, and GIMP 2.6 … a freeware graphics program available from www.gimp.org that makes it simple to export and edit animated GIFs. (More about GIMP in a future Post.)

Please give credit to LearnMMD.com if you use those images. ANYTHING displayed on the web can be lifted and reused … Thank you for being responsible.



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