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Have Fun Making MMD Comics using MS Paint

How do I make MMD Comics? What programs do I need to make comics using MikuMikuDance? Making MMD comics is fun!Koneko

Have Fun Making MMD Comics
using MS Paint or GIMP!

Have fun making MMD Comics using a simple program like Microsoft Paint!

It’s easier than you think!

Have you ever seen a comic made in MMD and wished you could make one too? Well, you can. It’s all a matter of having the right models and accessories! All you really need besides that is MS Paint to put in text and pull together pictures.  (You can also use GIMP, a free program, but it takes a while to learn how to use it!)

Most people think it is very hard, but making a great MMD comic is pretty easy! First you need to come up with a plot line. It’s cool to have intricate ones like Madokah’s VIRUS3VIL, but you should start small at first and do something easy and short. My first one was Teto being uninstalled. (It was kind of depressing.)

But if you need ideas, you can have them act out… a) a favorite vocaloid song, b) a scene from a movie/manga/anime, c) being LearnMMD's NOKO2 has several MMD Comics on the LearnMMD Deviant Art Page!uninstalled, or d) their daily life. But really, the possibilities are endless. Don’t let my ideas limit you.

The next thing to do is load up your models and stages like you normally would. Try to use all the same types of models (for example, Animasa models might be a bit out of place next to Project Diva rips) to make your world seem believable  Get all the characters in the right places for their scenes and remember not to use other people’s poses if you can help it. Save the images you want to use and open MS Paint.

Open all the images in one, expanding the canvas as you go, and add the sound effects, speech bubbles, and etc. as you need them. When you are done, save as a .PNG file and post to your favorite site!

Sourcess for the top picture:   Stage– Koichi Muite Baby Stage   Models: PD Teto by Bookazoid
MMD Comic Picture, above, by LearnMMD’s Noko2


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  1. Michiko Michiko
    February 9, 2013    

    hey, um….. I don’t know how to capture pictures of what im doing with the mmd thing.i don’t know how to take pictures of my computers screen period….how do you do that???

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      February 9, 2013    

      To capture the whole screen image, click the Print Screen key on your PC/Windows keyboard. That puts the picture on the clipboard memory. Then you can open Paint or GIMP, or whatever, open a NEW project … then Paste the clipboard image into your art program.
      In MMD you can also do a screen capture of just your stage image … go to File … Render to Picture File … choose a name and a file type … and Save. It’s that easy! See LearnMMD’s Noko2’s article about it: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/mmd-screen-capture-tool-makes-taking-pictures-a-snap/

  2. Koneko Koneko
    January 18, 2013    

    Thanks for actually noticing this! :3

  3. Arizona Arizona
    January 11, 2013    

    A very good 1st article.
    This is such a cute idea. In addition to comics you could also make greeting cards, get well cards, personalized stationery. This is an MMD personalization gold mine.

  4. picadude picadude
    January 10, 2013    

    That does sound like fun … I’m going to try it!

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