How to Use the Croquis Effect in MikuMikuDance

What is the Croquis Effect in MMD? How do you use the Croquis Effect in A Feature Article by contributor ARIZONA on LearnMMD.comMikuMikuDance? Where do you download the Croquis Effect for MikuMikuEffects?

How to Use the Croquis Effect in MikuMikuDance.

The Croquis Effect (Pronounced “Croh Kee”) can be used whenever you want to give your animation a hastily hand-drawn appearance. This makes sense, because that’s exactly what a croquis is. This French art term is normally associated with fashion illustration. Most haute couture fashion illustrations are called croquis.

The Croquis Effect.

Before you download any effect, make sure you have MMEffects properly installed (Please see Noko2’s article to do this; it is here. ) To download this effect you will need to visit the VPVP MME page; here’s the link: . You will find it in the section labelled エッジ(輪郭)  this means Edge (outline) using Google Translate.

The Sketchy Details.

Once you have placed it in your “Effects” folder (I trust that you have put all your effects in one folder). Load up a model, stage and some motion data. Make sure your Model Manipulation Panel (MMP) reads camera/light/accessory. You should now see the Accessory Manipulation Panel (AMP). Click the Load  button and find your Croquis Effect folder. There you’ll find Croquis and CroquisLite both of these are X-type files. You can choose whichever one you want to use, I will leave you to explore the differences.

The Croquis Effect is controlled by using the Tr numeric field in the AMP. If you are one of the two other people who had read my article on using the AMP, ( ) then you know that a value of 1 is the highest you can effectively register in the Tr field. At 1.00, everything on your screen looks like a page from a coloring book. If you enter 0, then the Croquis Effect is temporarily removed.

I made video showcasing this effect on our YouTube channel it’s here:


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