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How to Lip-Sync in MMD using MoggProject Face and Lips

A feature article by HollyLawliet on LearnMMD!What’s the easiest way to lip-sync in MMD? How do I use the Face and Lips program? Where can I download the Face and Lips program?

How to Lip-Sync in MMD
Using “Face and Lips”

Adding a lip-sync in MMD can make for a very nice touch to your video. Adding a lip-sync can sometimes be essential! When trying to lip-sync, most people will go the traditional route. Meaning they adjust the lip facials in MMD with the audio file loaded, probably with “play WAV with frame” checked. Of course, this can be pretty hard and it can take a lot of time. Not to mention in MMD playing the WAV with the frame can sound pretty annoying. Not too long ago a new program came out to help with lip-syncing in MMD, to help with all facials in fact. It’s called Face and Lips.

How do I install Face and Lips?

This program, Face and Lips, can be downloaded from the MoggProject homepage at the very top of the page. (You will see a “manual” link there that goes to their instructions page.) When you download the program it will come in a zip file. Be sure to create a new file on your desktop or wherever to place the contents of the zip file. The program itself will be an .exe file  When you first start the program it will be in Japanese. You can change that by going (H)>(L)>English.

How do I use Face and Lips?

After that, you’ll need to load the model and audio using the orange and blue arrow buttons. If you are havin’ a hard time finding the buttons look under the word “Control” at the top of the screen. Then you can start to lip-sync. The model’s facials will be shown below the audio file. They are organized into the mouth, eye, brow, and other facials just like in MMD. Then on the bottom there will be a little place for moving the eyes with “Eye_Up”, “Eye_Down”, etc. buttons. You can minimize certain groups by pressing the little “-” button next to it.

To use it, you’ll press down on the button and drag it to the “editing area”, at least that’s what I call it. Then you’ll see the facial, it’ll come in a little trapezoid shape. You can drag each point to change how long the facial lasts and how big it is. To give you an idea of what it looks like, Here’s a picture of a lip-sync I’m working on right now.

MoggProject Face and Lips is the easiest way to make a nice MMD lip-sync.

As you can see the blue part is the audio file. The editing area is filled with the different vowels. I hope this can give you a better understanding of how the program works! I’m currently working on animating the song “Meant to be yours” from the musical “Heathers” using maydayfireball‘s model, Kyo from her Zola Project pack.


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  1. SenshI Sun SenshI Sun
    August 31, 2017    

    Hey Holly,

    After reading this, I decided to try using Face & Lips, after previously finding it difficult to get the timing down. It turns out that it is actually much more user-friendly than I thought. I synced the verse and chorus of a song in about 45 minutes, including playing with percentages and figuring out a couple of modifications for certain phonemes, like short u.

  2. Ene Ene
    July 3, 2017    

    lololol clicked the image and the title was ‘Meant to be Yours”
    Heathers reference?

  3. Len show Len show
    June 27, 2017    

    Tenks soo good tutorial

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