MikuMikuDance Home Page VPVP is worth a visit!

Where is the basic information for MikuMikuDance? Who developed Miku Miku Dance? Is there a MMD home page?

MikuMikuDance Home Page is worth a visit!

The MikuMikuDance home page is called VPVP … Vocaloid Promotion Video Project and is located here:


MikuMikuDance available for download. We are using MMD 9.32 which is the DirectX9 version that is referenced, there, as 1.3 MikuMikuDance.
Section 1.4,
there, is for the latest MMD 64-bit.

At the bottom of the page are two TUTORIAL VIDEOS that you will want to watch! Simple instructions are given for things you probably already understand … but there may be a new trick or two that you haven’t seen.

Miku Miku Dance is a complicated bit of software that will require some time and practice to master. Learn all you can …click around to visit as many instructional pages as possible … Have FUN!


Visit the LearnMMD.com Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!