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Be a responsible MMDer … “Keep the Faith!”

We in the MMD Community rely upon the artistic Keep the Faith MMD! Keep MikuMikuDance Free. Be a responsible member of the Community. Know the rules.talents of a great many creative people. Their work is to be appreciated and treasured. It’s not “grab and go”, it’s “help yourself and say thank you.”  Give proper credits; share responsibly.


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  1. Catherine Rytwinsky Catherine Rytwinsky
    November 27, 2017    

    Is there a MMD Terms of Service anywhere? I can’t find it.

    • Catherine Rytwinsky Catherine Rytwinsky
      November 28, 2017    

      Has anyone found it yet? ;w;

      • November 28, 2017    

        Officially, such thing does not exist.

        • Catherine Rytwinsky Catherine Rytwinsky
          December 1, 2017    

          Thank you.

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