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MME Beamman’s Grass Effect Creates Realistic MMD Landscapes

Where can I download Beamman’s Grass effect for MME in Miku Miku Dance 7.39? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. How do you use Beamman’s Grass Effect in MMD 7.39 with MMEffect? Where do I get MME so I can use Beamman’s grass A Feature Article by Stella The Alchemist on LearnMMD.com!effect in Mikumikudance 7.39?

Beamman’s Grass Effect for MME adds Life to your animation!

August 15, 2017… This effect is not working for me. A reader complained that it didn’t work properly… no grass motion. My old copy didn’t work. I downloaded a NEW copy and it didn’t work. I tried it with MMD 9.26, 9.12, and 7.39… without success. PLEASE leave a comment to let us know if you can get it working… What’s the secret??

September 25, 2017… The effect works! Thanks to the commenter Imogen, the solution has been found. Rename ふかふか草むら.fx and ふかふか草むら.x files (or whatever they look to you if you didn’t unpack them using the correct codepage) into Grass.fx and Grass.x respectively. That will make the grass move again.

In MY MMD… I load the Grass.x and see a quick skitter of grass… and then nothing… no grass… until I push “Play”. The grass SNAPS into view and works just fine.

A dA artist now has a Grass version with a controller… the controller loads as a PMX model and has a VMD motion file that you will want to load onto that controller. This version lets you change the color of the grass. … Again, push PLAY to see the grass. If the grass looks black, load that VMD onto the controller.

One of my favorite effects for MME is Beamman-P’s grass effect. Beamman makes some really great effects, and this one is no exception. The effect is a field of realistic blades of grass, which move with the “wind” and movements of the characters placed on the field. This effect is very helpful and cool.

One of the problems with .x stages is that they often don’t look realistic. They can sometimes seem rather flat and lifeless. Nothing really moves. If you look around in the real world, you’ll see that every location is, in a way, alive; trees bend, grass sways in the wind, people and animals move around, lights come on and off, flags wave… nothing is really still.

In MMD, stages usually stay still, except for fancy ones (By the way, Trackdancer on DeviantART makes some really fantastic customizable moving stages, you should check them out). While this is usually ok, since you’ll usually want to focus on the dancer anyway, a moving background can really make your videos pop. They look more realistic and fancy, and plenty of movement and detail will keep your viewers glued to the screen. For example, in the Project DIVA PV of Ievan Polka, Miku is dancing in a simple grass field. This looked very nice, and made the video look good.

So, how can we accomplish this using a simple program like MMD? With the grass effect, of course! If you haven’t got MME already … be sure to download and install MMEffects into your MMD folder.

Using the effect is easy. First, download it from Beamman-P’s web page. You can find his page here: http://www43.atwiki.jp/beamman/ Scroll down some to find it. The title is “当たり判定付きふかふか草むら”, and it shows a picture of a character from Touhou standing in a field of grass. Underneath it are two links; one goes to NicoNicoDouga, and one goes to GetUploader. Click the one on the right, which says “ダウンロード”. This takes you to GetUploader. Look down, and you’ll see a button with the same text. Click that, then save it to wherever you keep your effects.Beamman's Grass Effect really adds life to your animation! LearnMMD.com

Now it’s time to try out Beamman’s Grass Effect! In MMD, go to the camera/light/accessory editor. Click the load accessory button, and find the folder where you put the effect. There should be one .x file in there. Load up that, and you should see the grass. From here you can change the size and position of the patch of grass. For fine-tuning, you can attach it to a dummy bone and move it where you need it. You can now add your model, or if you prefer to do that first, that’s fine too.

Now press play. Ta-da!! You should see the grass waving gently, and little ripples in the grass as your model moves. Fancy, nee? That’s all there is to it. This effect can be a lot of fun to play around with. Note: This may take a while to render depending on your computer’s capabilities and how many models and effects you have running. If you try and do to much, you might even crash MMD, so be aware of this and don’t overdo it. Other than that, this effect is quite useful and fun. Enjoy it!


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  1. Pako Pako
    October 23, 2018    

    I tried use this grass effect but with Raycast 1.5.2. When I load ray.x grass became bright and transparent. Someone know how to fix it?

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 23, 2018    

      Raycast is its own environment… no guarantee that ANY effect will work with it…

      Best of luck with that.

    • October 23, 2018    

      There might be a way (though to see if it works I’d have to launch Raycast myself, and that’d be a quest :D ). Here’s an experiment you can try to find it out:

      Load your scene and make sure every effect *other* than Raycast is unloaded.
      Load the grass and see if it shines (if it’s not, you’ll have to search for another culprit effect, but the principle stays the same).
      Look for line(s) belonging to grass in MME Effect Manipulation window, in tabs other than main.
      Try to uncheck that line in those tabs OR press Reset Effect on it (that’s two different actions with possiblity different outcomes) and see what happens.
      Eventually you may find a combination that solves your problem. If not… come back, report your findings, and we’ll try something else :p.

      Ok, I tried and found out my assumption was wrong. I suppose that the key to solution would be to *apply* a proper “material” effect to grass.x in MaterialMap tab, but I haven’t found a material that’d make grass immune to Raycast exposure among stock ones. ClearCoat/material_black seems to be least aggressive of all, but probably not good enough.

      Maybe you could try to make your own material to make the grass look good to you. Check this tutorial for details: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/edit-mmd-effects-edit-raycast-materials/

  2. Imogen Imogen
    September 9, 2017    

    I find that usually with Beamman’s effects you need to rename the x file and the fx file with ASCII characters, so just change the name of both to “grass” or whatever and manually load the effect to the x file in MME. I had the same problem with the blood and ink effect. If an effect doesn’t work it’s usually either the special characters in the names (spaces are classed as special characters too) or the method you’re using to unzip the folder, Bandizip doesn’t always work!.

  3. Solaris Solaris
    December 9, 2014    

    Thanks! It doesn’t move for some reason though… maybe I did something wrong. Ah well, I don’t really care and I’m glad it works on my laptop, so I wont complain.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      December 10, 2014    

      I have seen it “not move” on newer versions of MMD. Just for kicks, you might download old MMD 7.39 from our Downloads page and see if the grass will move with MMD 7.39.

      • MMDBlue MMDBlue
        August 15, 2017    

        Nope does not work with newest version or v7.39
        This article should be updated so people don’t waste their time trying to figure out why it isn’t working.

        • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
          August 15, 2017    

          YOU are CORRECT! … I just downloaded a new copy. I do get the grass… but no motion. (My OLD copy didn’t work either!) I, too, tried it with MMD 9.26, 7.39, and also 9.12… all 32-bit… no motion. I will edit that article right now!

          • Alizablaze Alizablaze
            September 24, 2017    
            • September 25, 2017    

              Actually, the original one works as well is you rename files with Japanese names into English. Still thanks for this version nevertheless, as the controller makes manipulating the grass much easier.

              • Alizablaze Alizablaze
                September 25, 2017    

                No problem. ^^

              • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
                September 25, 2017    

                I added that latest link to your Editor’s Note on Stella’s article. That grass DID NOT seem to work for me until I pushed the PLAY button and saw the grass snap into view. Both the original Beamman’s Grass and this new one now work for me.

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