My First MMD Video – After Struggling with Blender, MMD was Easy

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One of the easiest 3D animation programs!

BAD APPLE – My First MMD Video

To start off, let me say, MMD is one of the easiest 3D animation programs I have ever used. I went through Blender, and it’s so complicated that thousands of tutorials couldn’t have saved me. I browsed through the Start Here page of MMD and it directed me in the direction I needed to go! Reggie’s video helped me the most though. (I’m more of a visual person)

See my first MMD Video: "Bad Apple" on the LearnMMD Facebook page!

But there are some things that DID go wrong…

The background was an AVI (Video) file with lyrics at the bottom of the screen for the song. And the WAV (Music) file wasn’t synced with the lyrics! Another thing I noticed going back through the video was that one of my models wasn’t in the right place for the camera angle. The camera was occasionally only focusing on Miku’s shoulder. It wasn’t that noticeable, but I don’t like seeing a fraction of my Miku! I didn’t notice these until examining the video after it was done, though. I just embraced them because I was honestly proud of what I had done … and I still am!  =)

Clearly, I knew nothing about camera angles or how to use them to make the video ‘better’. So, I looked it up on LearnMMD and discovered that the Camera is like a model (in MY eyes) and you can load motion data to it, which is actually the camera data! *The More You Know*


In the end, I loved the video – and it was a great learning experience! Once you finish making your first MMD video you get this sense of accomplishment and, I don’t know about you, but I think I’m slowly getting attached to my models. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone.)

My first MMD video didn’t turn out perfect, but I’m completely satisfied with it.


In case people want to try to make a video like mine, I got my Motion Data and Camera Data from SachiKatsune’s BAD APPLE video:  … and I got my background video from Whispersiichan’s BAD APPLE!


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