Export Import MMD Models Using Blender and PMXE

A feature article by GloriaTheAnimator!Oh, hi… its me! Teaching you how to /import/export in blender because Metasquoia is not free and not good and Blender is free and good… ;)

How to Export Import MMD in Blender

So, for this youI ‘ll need…

Note: click on the names to download them




Make sure your system meets the requirements.

OK, we got our software… now we need Blender plugins.

Get these plugins…



The MMD_Tools plugin will let you load mesh/vertices/polygons models but without any bones or anything like that.

… and Meshio will allow you to export the model as pmx

I recommend it only for exporting mesh; never had an export with bones with it, not sure how that will work!

OK, so, I have modeled something here…

I created this model in Blender so I could show yo how to export an object for use in MMD... MMD in Blender

… to show you an example of how easy it is to export stuff.

Be sure you are in Object Mode.

If you have both plugins installed, now you go to FILE and hover over Export and click miku miku dance model

Go to FILE and hover over Export and click miku miku dance model

Now it will ask you where to save…

I recommend going to windows explorer and copy and paste the place where you wanna save so its easier to navigate.

Great! Now its saved.

Open PMXEditor and open the pmx file you saved.

You have your file… though you do need to make the settings correct to make the shadows work, and stuff. Don’t forget to add toon files to make the shadows work.

Oh, and if you will save it and try to Open in MMD, it will not work… because MMD has its own rules for the models…

… and if the rules don’t match, MMD will crash!

Those rules are:

1: must have bones

2: must have all working joints (if you don’t have any joints it will work, too)

… and there are a few more rules… but I only know these from my experience.


OK, since you have added a bone it will automatically be rigged, too, so don’t worry about rigging everything to one bone. Scale the thing up because it exports it at quite a small size.

If you like the size, sure, but for me all the stuff I export is really small… so, you click move at the top of pmx view or f4 if you are a shortcut fan like me.

Now select everything and scale it up while holding scale in object manipulation.

SAVE and open it up in MMD… it should work now!

Happy modeling ^-^


Visit the LearnMMD.com Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!