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A Discussion on the subject of Bone Deformation Hierarchy

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A Discussion on the subject of Bone Deformation Hierarchy On Sun, 3/19/17, Trackdancer2015 wrote: Mr. Bandages, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me, please? In the PMDe/PMXe under the bone tab, there is a field for a value called Deform Hierachy (Deform hier. in the PMDe UI). So next to this label […]

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A girl named Miku Hatsune…

A girl named Miku Hatsune… Orbiting the planet Venus is the JAXA probe “Akatsuki” and on board are several plaques featuring a very unusual personality: Miku Hatsune. Miku’s journey on the Akatsuki started in 2010, just shortly before she hit the top of the Japanese album charts. Both are astonishing accomplishments for a 16 year […]

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How to use Raycast MMD MME Shader Effect

How do I use Raycast? Where can I download the latest version of the Raycast effect? Friend: HAVE YOU SEEN THE AMAZING MMD RAYCAST VIDEOS??? THAT SHADER IS SO COOL, RIGHT??? You: “Yea, but its so complicated I won’t be able to use it” :< Hey, don’t worry. I know how to use Raycast … […]

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Japanese MMD mod allows Automatic Breathing action in MMD models

How can I make my MMD model have automatic breathing? How do I modify my PMX model so she can breathe automatically? Automatic Breathing… How to make a Vocaloid breathe! This article will teach you how to use a Japanese MMD mod which allows a MMD model to automatically replicate breathing. To add the mod […]

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The Making Of my “I Know Those Eyes / This Man Is Dead MMD” video

I want to share with you my thoughts during the making of my “I Know Those Eyes / This Man Is Dead MMD” video Before I say anything, please watch this video… … let its soul and emotion sink in. Let the heaviness of this video get a grip on your soul… Watch it in […]

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Speech Synthesizer gives MMD Models a voice!

How do I make my Vocaloid model talk instead of sing? Where can I get a speech synthesizer to read my script? How can I give a voice to my MMD model? Vocaloid software is basically a speech synthesis application. But it is designed specifically for singing rather than for speaking… and on top of […]

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