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Making amazing complicated MMD video requires circle of learning

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow do I make a complicated MMD video with AVI backgrounds and scene fades? How do I make the screen go white? How do I overlap MMD images? How do I use cartoon cut-outs in my MMD videos?

I call it the Circle of Learning…

Making an amazing complicated MMD video
requires the Circle of Learning

One of our younger teammates asked me, this week, about how to make a complicated MMD video… like the one she had just seen…

“Wow!… that’s an amazing MMD video, all right!”

“So… how do I make an amazing complicated MMD video like that one?”

To make a video as complicated as that would take careful planning. You would want to visualize the whole thing as you storyboard everything in advance… planning the video second-by-second, scene by scene… keeping notes of when to make a scene change, when to add a video-background, where to cut the music, when to change backgrounds, when to start and end each model, each effect, each transition… very complicated…

“Amazing to watch it… that’s for sure!”

“So… how do I make an amazing complicated MMD video like that one?”

“The Circle of Learning… Doing… Learning… Doing… “

You might try to recreate particular moments from that video. … if there is a short bit that grabs your heart, you might try to make THAT part for yourself… learn how to make something that looks like theirs. You might find that you need to learn a new software or find that you need to find some new effects. … Spending the time and effort to do that would teach you a lot… make you an expert in that particular technique… The more you learn, the more you will be able to do… and… like being in a circle: the more you can do, the more you will learn, the more you can do… …

“So… how do I make an amazing complicated MMD video like that one?”

Practice… Learn… be observant, be flexible and be willing to dig-deep until you learn the trick of it… learn the technique for each little step along the way. How do you “do” a scene using those little 2D “cards” with pictures on them? I don’t know… but the answers are out there, on the web… SOMEONE knows how to do it and has probably shared their technique online… dig deep. practice… learn…

HERE’s one of the videos that blows ME away…

I realize that this “complicated MMD video” is a heavily edited compilation of multiple MMD videos along with an assortment of images and effects from other sources… but the fine control, the technique, the artistry that went into the creation of it simply astounds me. … How beautiful, how wonderful. At my MMD and 3D animation skill level, I could not create a masterpiece like that! … but, piece by piece, there are many things I can learn from that animation.

“The Circle of Learning… Doing… Learning… Doing… “

— Reggie D


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