Making good MMD lip-syncs!

A feature article written by LearnMMD's MMD-Anime-Bunny!How do I do lip-syncing in MMD? When I lipsync, which sliders do I use for which sounds? Are there tricks to MMD lip-syncing?

Making your MMD lip-syncs good!

Hello there! I’m MMD Anime Bunny, I’m new here!~

This is my first article on LearnMMD. I have some plans for future articles, but I’ll start simple!~

I have some tips for lip-syncing! Just some little thingies ^^
This is how I use the sliders for different letters when I do lip-syncing:

The sliders…

LipsyncBunnyThe “a” slider

Use the “a” slider for:

“a” (In happy)
“ai” (In the pronoun: i)

“eh” (In hello)

The “i” slider

Use the “i” slider for:

“ee” (In feel, use this slider with this sound in Japanese text)
“L” (In like, use the slider halfway for this one)
“n” (In normal, use the slider halfway for this letter)
“t” (In time, use the slider 3/4)
“s” (In sight, use the slider 2/4 to 3/4)

The “u” slider

Use the “u” slider for:

“u” (In you)
“uh” (In dust)
“f” (In free, use the slider 1/4 to 2/4)
“ur” (In over)
“r” (In rust)
“w” (In world)

The “e” slider

The “e” slider is kinda a optional part, if you use it, use it for this:

“ee” (In deer)
“eh” (In everything)
Say_O_Bunny“ea” (In deal)

The “o” slider

Use the “o” slider for:

“o” (In doll)
“ou” (In would)
“oo” (In door)

Making it good! Starting it, ending it, and making it look nice…

Start by having everything closed, and end it the same way.

Be sure that you have loaded in your wave file, and if you did, go to File>play wave with frame, so you can hear the audio as you scroll through the frames with the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard.


Listen carefully to the wave file and give the mouth at least two frames to change letter (slider), if you let at least two frames free, then it will look great!

Once you hear the “a” sound coming, find where the sound starts, and open the mouth with the “a” slider on that frame. Now go two frames back, and close it. Now search up where the “a” sound ends, and close the mouth there (Using the “a” slider),  and that’s it!

So these were my quick tips for lip-sync, see you next time!~



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