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Show the Love: Melanie’s “Ring Around the Moon”

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.com

A Project for MMDers …

See the "Ring Around the Moon" video on YouTube.Melanie’s
“Ring Around the Moon”


Create a beautiful little duet using a pair of your favorite models. I would call this a MEME except that I am only supplying the WAV file for the music. The pose, the motions, the camerawork and the Emotion is all up to you.

Melanie Safka’s little love song was included in her 1971 “Gather Me” album on Neighboorhood Records.  There is a lot of love packed into this 40-second song and it easily becomes an MMD video. Though she sang it as a solo, I have “converted it into a duet” by lowering the pitch of the second verse to simulate the answering voice.

To get you started, I created this little video. Only camera motion is used.

Show the love …

The song runs a bit less than 40 seconds … and all you need is the download of my WAV file from the Downloads page and two loving MMD models. You can add a stage … adjust the lights … add some motions to fit those described in the lyrics … make a smooth camera-work … maybe create the lip-sync motion … and show the warmth of the love that this song can bring.

Who will draw a ring around the moon
Who will draw a line from star to star
Who will sing a penny’s worth of song
To tell them how in love we are

I will draw a ring around the moon
I will draw a line from star to star
I will sing a penny’s worth of song
To tell them how in love we are

Please include MMD Ring Around the Moon in your video’s title, leave a credit for LearnMMD.com, and send me the link to your video so that I can write about it on the pages of LearnMMD.com

— Enjoy!


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  1. Genbento Genbento
    April 17, 2019    

    I actually just started making this project but…a problem happened.
    (. _ .”)
    I added 2 models in the first scene (holding hands for now), a stage and a background/effect (dome?) thingy in the background. (I had to use an MME file to make it look better)
    But, when I quit MMD….

    Then when I loaded it up when I got back on…

    The MMD file will look like it was in the process of loading but then…
    MMD crashed.

    You know what happened? o-O
    Maybe I shouldn’t add effects until I finish the animation?
    (Maybe loading a MMD file with effects to start is too much for my lap top? It seems to work better if I leave effects last…..)

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      April 17, 2019    

      Do your models and stages have clear file names. If you don’t use Bandizip to extract ZIP and RAR folders, the file names can be scrambled. I have seen MMD open these models and effects when you are in MMD… you save and close… and next time you try to open that saved file, MMD cannot do it.

  2. June 25, 2016    

    I am a french 15 years old mmder and when i have seen your project “Ring Around the Moon”, i would to do this project.
    I hope i understood all that you writed.
    My vidéo is done, so… There’s my vid !


    Yukari HS

    ps : sorry for my bad english…

    • Silent Headset Silent Headset
      June 25, 2016    

      Holy-! That’s a high quality video you’ve made there!!
      Glad that there’s another one willing to do this little project!

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