Add Facial Slider Options Using PMDE Enhance your MMD Models

Read all the articles by LearnMMD's Silent Headset!Use PMDE to Add/Modify/Manipulate your Model’s Facial Slider Features!

We will learn how to add a facial slider to your existing MMD model.Hello everyone!

Welcome to another article of mine. Today, we’ll cover the subject of using PMDE to add and modify the options available on your model’s Facial Sliders…

We will use PMDE to add facial sliders to our MMD models.

But before that, a few words of warning you might want to keep in mind.

First off, make sure the model you’re going to edit is actually OK for editing. Many model makers do not allow their models to be edited, so unless your model’s README file clearly allows you to edit, please refrain from doing so.

Second, there are many methods you can use to create new facial/ expressions/ morph/ whatever you guys call them. But today we’ll cover two of the basic methods.

  • Part Manipulation Morph
  • Material Manipulation Morph

Yes, I made up those terms myself.

Third, we will NOT cover the actual “face manipulation” like eye or mouth movements. These are actually quite hard to do, and since this article is intended for newcomers, I think it’s better to start with some “easy” edits.

Now, let’s go to the Facial Slider tutorial:

Add and Modify Facial Sliders to enhance your MMD models. MikuMikuDance.

Have fun with this!


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