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UV Unwrapping MMD Models in Blender with MMD Tools

What is UV unwrapping? How can I unwrap models?  How can I UV map MMD models? What is a projection map? How do I make textures for MMD models?  Han can I use Blender to edit MMD models? UV unwrapping MMD models in Blender One of PMXE‘s most glaring deficiencies is its limited UV mapping.  […]


MMD Download links – Some of my favorite MikuMikuDance Sites

Becoming an MMD collector is EASY… …if you know the right sites to go to. First you need to download the latest version of MMD. A very popular and well-known site for MMD models is https://sites.google.com/site/mikumikubeat/.  This site also has MME Effect downloads, so you can come to this site for multiple things. The next site I don’t […]


MikuDance.info – A Very Useful Site for MMDers!

MikuDance.info has a constantly updated list of new MMD models and accesssories.

Hi there fellow MMDers! (^^) If you want the best  MMD models, stages, and accessories; apart from searching on DeviantArt; you can refer to this following website: Mikudance.info There are a ton of model links at MikuDance.info and


See LearnMMD’s New Crop-Transition Panel Video

See LearnMMD’s New Crop-Transition Panel Video … and get the panel for yourself! Used properly, LearnMMD’s New Crop/Transition Panel might just be the hidden “star” of your animation! Mount the Panel to a dummy bone. Make it display (turn it on) when you want to add emphasis to a scene … then turn it off […]


LearnMMD Auditorium Stage Announced Ready for Download

The New LearnMMD Stage "in action"!

Stage for MikuMikuDance. I need a new stage for Miku Miku Dance? Where can I download a new stage for MMD? Download the LearnMMD Auditorium Stage for MMD I wanted a school-auditorium-style of stage for my “Dueling Banjos” project … and I could not find one. So … I went into Google Sketchup and made […]


Planning a MikuMikuDance 7.39 Dueling Banjos Animation

Click to see FULL SIZE my original model setup for my "Dueling Banjos".

How do I start a big dance in Miku Miku Dance 7.39? How do I plan a big dance project in MMD? Planning a MikuMikuDance 7.39 Dueling Banjos Animation I had the inspiration to create a Dueling Banjos animation with the standard models available in MMD. It’s going to be quite a project … and […]

Download the latest version of MMD MikuMikuDance! Step-by-step instructions to help you make an MMD Music Video! bo-beep-bo-beep! LearnMMD's Step-by-Step MMD instructions for MikuMikuDance!

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