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Give MMD Pictures Different MMEffects For Different Feelings

Different MMEffects for different feelings

Hey y’all! Today Luka‘s gonna help me show you some cool MMEffects that I personally use for different emotions. All of the poses used are found at Snorlaxin‘s page (because I didn’t feel like making them). You can also find MikuMikuEffects on our downloads page, and there’s an amazing effect pack (actually there’s two of […]


Toon Shader modifies shadows and highlights!

How do I use Toon Shader? Where can I download Toon Shader? How can I add shaders to my MMD model? Hello everyone! Today I’m  gonna show you how cool Toon Shader is. And how to use it! Toon Shader modifies shadows and highlights for a comic-book effect! So OK; first you need to download […]


Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects

How do I use shaders to make photo-realistic renders in MMD? Can I make realistic-looking images in MikuMikuDance? What effects do I use to make realistic skin-tones in MMD? Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects NOTE: It is recommended that you click on the Haku images in this article to see the renders […]


ColorShift Effect Dances using VMDSpectrum Analyzer

How do I make ColorShift effect match the beat of the music? Use VMDSpectrum Analyzer to animate effects A reader asked us for help about making the ColorShift effect “to make the color appear on beat”. Well, “out of the box”, the effect has no such possibility. All that is available for controllong the vanilla […]


Understanding MME Render Targets for Miku Miku Dance Effects

How can I use MME? How can I use effects for MMD?  Can I hide MMD models from my mirror? Can I keep MMD models from casting shadows? How to edit effects for MMD? How to write new effects for MMD? Maybe you’ve had some time to play with MME effects for MMD. There are […]


Advanced subtitles for MMD: Using MikuTelopE

What is MikuTelopE effect? How can I make subtitles for MMD? What is better, Nameplate or MikuTelopE? Provide your videos with subtitles Until lately, Nameplate MME effect was the only method to add text messages to your MMD pictures or videos. Alas, with all its advantages, it also makes subtitles creation rather painstaking, especially when […]

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