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Fixing white models and accessories that don’t follow in PMXE

BandagesAvatarWhy do imported objects turn white?  Why don’t imported accessories move right?  How can I fix imported textures and bones in PMXE?

Teto encounters PMXE common problem number 1

Hi!  Reggie forwarded me a few questions from readers having to do with some problems that people often have when starting to learn PMXE.  One reader writes,

When I load the finished model into Miku Miku Dance it changes the base of the model to white.

Another writes,

I add a necklace to my model but when I went to MMD it didn’t move with the body.

If this is happening, don’t worry!  It happens to everybody, and it’s easy to fix.  It just requires learning a little bit about PMXE.

What happened to the textures?

Why is my model white?

When Teto imported the dress into her model file, not everything came with it.  That’s because parts of the dress are textures.  PMXE needs to know where to find these files.  When you import one model into another one, PMXE no longer knows where to look.  You have to copy the textures from the old model’s folder into the new model’s folder.

Check PMXE materials tab to identify missing textures

Copying textures from imported models in PMXE

If you’re not sure what to copy, you can probably get away with copying everything.  But you can look at the PMXE materials tab to figure out exactly what textures you need to copy.  In this case, PMXE says that it expects the dress texture to be named dress.png, and it expects it to be in a folder named tex.  So once I copy that tex folder to the same folder that the model is in, I’ll be good!

Copy missing textures from the source to the destination to fix white modelsIf it’s open, PMXE isn’t going to realize that you copied textures.  It doesn’t look unless you tell it to.  You can tell it to check for textures again with Edit->Update or ctrl-U from the 3D window.  Or, you could close PMXE and open it again.

Why aren’t my accessories moving right?

Teto shows off her new dress When you import a new model into your model, it needs to know how to move.  Sometimes, the imported object is just weighted to a center (センター) bone, instead of weighted to the parts of the body that you want it to use.  Sometimes, your model has more bones than the accessory modeller knew about: the modeller may have weighted it to an Upper Body (上半身) bone, but you have an Upper Body 2 (上半身2)bone that would be a better bone for that accessory to follow.  When that happens, the imported accessory isn’t going to move right on your body.Teto encounters PMXE common problem number 2

Fixing imported bones in PMXE

But it’s not hard to fix this.  Before you import one model into another, take a look at the bone tab.  This will give you an idea of how the model is laid out.  One good technique is to rename the bones in models that you import.  Then, when you import this model, the bones will be added rather than merged.  (And, you can use the imported model’s bones to more easily adjust its position and orientation.)

Parent your accessory to the correct bone to fix models

Then, after you import the model, you have to make sure that the imported model’s bones are following the right bones for your model.  Here, Teto’s ears follow her head () bone.  So we’re going to assign the head bone as the parent of our imported earring’s center bone.

So tonight, too, please eat as much as you want. Now, with a new haircut to show off her earrings and the high collar of her new dress, Teto’s ready to perform!  And your model is too!


Keep the Faith and credit your sources!  I used my own Tda Tutor Teto for this tutorial, in a dress based on meshes by Kanahiko-chan!



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  1. regular gamer regular gamer
    February 8, 2019    

    i need help. when i load my model on pmx editor 64x i can put any hair on the model. it goes completel white and invisible and i cant move it. how do i fix this prob?

    • February 9, 2019    

      You came *exactly* to the page that has answers to both of your problems. Have you tried to read what it says?

  2. regular gamer regular gamer
    February 8, 2019    

    i have a problem guys. i downloaded pmx editor 64x eng from dv. everything is running fine but when it comes to the model a problem comes up. i cant put the hair on the model, it either comes invisible or white or not there at all. when i load the hair instead i cant add the model. so all i have is a naked model and i cant do anything about it. pls help. not even clothes or accessories

  3. KawaiiAnimeAsh KawaiiAnimeAsh
    December 22, 2018    

    Okay,so I went on this very website and downloaded mmd,its components,and the english PmxEditor x64.When I open PmxEditor I have 3 errors.
    1.Failed to Initialize Direct3D x2
    2:Failed to initalize plugin.
    When the errors are done,PmxEditor opens but the view doesnt.Please help me.I can’t make myself a mmd model if I cant see!

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      December 22, 2018    

      Be sure you have added the required programs for MMD: The DirectX 9c Runtime and the two C++ versions correct for your version of MMD.
      See also: https://learnmmd.com/StartHere/Steps5.html If you are new to PMXE and new to MMD… put the idea of making your own model at the bottom of the list of things you will be doing. Learn to run MMD… become “a pro” with it before considering the making of a model.

    • December 23, 2018    

      Additionally to the other advice: find the PMXE archive file you’ve downloaded (download another if you simply “opened” it without saving when installing PMXE), right-click on it, and select “Properties”. See if there’s an “Unblock” button, and if so, press it, erase the previously unpacked PMXE folder, and unpack the archive anew. That might resolve the “Failed to initialize plugin” error for you.

    • Emily Emily
      February 1, 2019    

      I had the same problem. Not only was the View not functioning, I also couldn’t really load anything. I know it wasn’t an “unblock” issue because I already knew about it (I’ve been using MMD and PMXE for years, I’m just reinstalling on a new system), and I know it wasn’t an issue of not having the right DirectX or Visual C++ because I’d already downloaded all the right stuff.
      I eventually fixed it by enabling 3D acceleration. I’m working in a virtual machine (because my main OS is Linux, which MMD and PMXE don’t work on), which meant that enabling 3D acceleration just meant tampering with the VirtualBox settings. If you’re not running a VM, then enabling 3D acceleration probably involves messing with the BIOS.

  4. MajorHangover MajorHangover
    October 30, 2018    

    I’m not sure it’s a common problem, but i made a model that looks fine in PMXE transform view, but once he’s in mmd some vertices are messed up even without posing him! and i’m 100% sure it’s not a vertex count issue because he’s only 13k and he doesn’t have any useless vertices. can someone help me? (for information: it’s a model i exported from blender)

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      November 8, 2018    

      I am referring your question via email… please see your email.

      • Kuroe Kuroe
        January 14, 2019    

        All of the writing is combined in PMXE. How do I fix it?

        • January 14, 2019    

          What is there to fix?

        • January 15, 2019    

          Do you mean that the text in English PMXE goes under the boxes? That’s a known issue with some versions of English PMXE. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to fix it due to how PMXE is constructed. You just have to learn to work around it.

        • January 16, 2019    

          Ok, if the problem you refer to is unnaturally big fonts on all PMXE panels, you can try several possible solutions:
          1) Set text size to 100% and screen resolution to “recommended” In Control Panel Display settings.
          2) Also select “Set custom text size (DPI)” and check the “Use Windows XP style DPI scaling” option.
          3) Right-click the PMXE executable, select Properties/Compatibility and check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” option.

          If fonts are of the normal size but texts are just too long to fit their places (can happen if you use iBozo’s PMXE translation), use a different PMXE. Here’s the newest favorite: https://www.deviantart.com/inochi-pm/art/PmxEditor-vr-0254f-English-Version-v2-0-766313588

    • November 16, 2018    

      Did you ever get helped? This is a really hard question to answer without having the model file to look at it. The most likely culprit is bad weights– and it’s pretty easy to get bad weights when exporting from Blender, because Blender and MMD handle weights very differently.

      These are some questions that I would be asking myself to troubleshoot the issue: what does the model look like when I re-import the .pmx into Blender? What does the model look like when I open it in PMXE? What does the model then look like when I view it in PMXE’s transform mode? Are the misplaced verts under the influence of physics? What are the exact weights of the misplaced verts: do they add up to 1? What type are they? Are they weighted to any bones that don’t make any sense?

  5. ConfusedPerson ConfusedPerson
    October 20, 2018    

    I edited a hair texture for a model I was making (well, using hair and base models) but the hair texture glitched and it mapped just the red and I had to edit the color map things just to get the hair to even show red in the first place. Does anyone know of a fix?

    • October 21, 2018    

      Can you explain better? What exactly did you want to do, what exactly you did, and what exactly went wrong?

  6. Nyny100 Nyny100
    October 16, 2018    

    I created a base in PMXE, and it turner out looking perfect. I had to copy the file names to the texture reader, like you showed in the tutorial. However, when I loaded the model in MMD, the base itself was fine, while everything else on it (hair, clothes, etc) were pure white. It only happens in MMD. I even took a look at transform view, and it looked fine.

    Any ideas? I can’t really upload a good picture right now, but I can try if you really need one.

    • October 17, 2018    

      Make sure that textures from all parts you import into the model are gathered in model’s folder.

    • November 16, 2018    

      Don’t trust PMXE seeing your textures until you’ve closed and restarted PMXE. PMXE tries to “remember” relevant texture locations when importing models, but MMD won’t do that (and PMXE will forget after close/restart.)

      If some textures are working but some others aren’t, it’s probably the case that there’s a mismatch between some of the paths given for textures in the .pmx file and the actual location of those image (texture) files. Go through your model’s materials, one by one, and make sure that the textures exist on the paths specified, relative to the folder where the .pmx file exists.

  7. LaKira LaKira
    July 27, 2018    

    whenever i load pmxe, the windows are all scrunched up like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okizgd8e0hjqwdt/pmxe%20ridiculosness.PNG?dl=0
    and enlarging the editor does nothing to help this. is there any way to fix it, or am i sol?

    • July 29, 2018    

      This has to do with interactions between more recent versions of Windows and PMXE. The solution lies in your Windows settings, not PMXE, and it depends on your specific system details. Googling “pmxe text size win10” and “compatibility win10 text size” gave me a long list of articles with various things to try; that’s what I would recommend. (In the future, it might be smarter to ask these kinds of questions on articles that are relevant to the issue– a good place for general questions would be https://learnmmd.com/reggie-replies/ .)

      • LaKira LaKira
        August 2, 2018    

        Thank you so much for your help! I finally got the editor working by changing my dpi after weeks of driving myself mad with uninstalling and reinstalling c++, .net framework, and even the editor it’s self! I am very new to learn mmd, so my apologies for not commenting in the right place, i will be sure to make a note for next time

        • August 3, 2018    

          It’s no biggie, please free to ask when you need help. I’m glad you got it all working, have fun!

  8. Hannah Hannah
    March 11, 2018    

    Um… I’m not sure if this was already asked, I haven’t seen this question yet, but…
    When I imported a back hair model, the hair was too far above the head model. Is this common? Is there a way to fix it? Answering would be good, thanks!

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      March 11, 2018    

      Nope… not a common problem… may just be an error in that model. … Fix it?… most likely… open it in PMXE and give it a shot!

    • March 11, 2018    

      Are you trying to edit a model by adding a different (or plain new) hair? If so, yes, the issue is quite common. You have to adjust the imported part to fit the base. See this tutorial, for example; you can find more by searching for “fixing models”, “rigging”, etc.

  9. Ayla Ayla
    February 26, 2018    

    Soo, when attempting to redo the textures of my models eyes, instead of them turning out pure white they show up like this: https://i-am-ayla-cat.deviantart.com/art/Um-What-732888900?ga_submit_new=10%3A1519635726

    Any solutions that DON’T involve UV map primer? I can’t install at the moment(For unknown reasons) and I need an alternative.

    • February 26, 2018    

      Even though they say that one picture is worth a hundred words, in your case, I’m afraid, it won’t be enough. Please provide more details about what you attempted, how did you expect to accomplish it, and what you got in result. Don’t be afraid to bother us with long posts, we’re tougher than we look.

      • Ayla Ayla
        February 26, 2018    

        Due to lack of time available, I will give you a basic overview of what I attempted and what I aimed to do.
        I was following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K7G60PLLWs to make a model of my own (assets don’t match because the key ones were not available) and I reached the recolouring of the eyes. In the video, it shows the same issue but using UV map primer to fix the issue. I cannot install said plugin for unknown reasons(all useful screen shots of my issues and steps are available here: https://sta.sh/2amfx5yu1z3?). I can supply more information/screenshots/links later.

        • February 26, 2018    

          First, you have the UV plugin downloaded, but when you try to launch it, it throws the error, is that right? If so, try to right-click on its file, select Properties, and see if there’s Unblock button in there. If there is, press it, and try to launch the plugin again.

          Now, if you *absolutely* can’t get it to work (it’s a useful thing to have, so you ought to try), there’s a different way. Open the new and the old texture file in a graphic editor, and modify the new one to have exactly the same proportions and the eye to take exactly the same position in it.

          • Ayla Ayla
            February 26, 2018    

            … I forgot that the selection to unblock a file is only there if the file is blocked. Thanks for your assistance, and sorry if I wasted your time in any way.

            • Ayla Ayla
              February 27, 2018    

              Plugin doesn’t load correctly after unblocking – different error though…
              Error: https://sta.sh/0dr6hj5dhsv

              Will try the other tip you advised. It may make editing textures more difficult, but I’ll adapt to it.

              • Ayla Ayla
                February 27, 2018    

                UPDATE: Last time I’ll bother you hear, I promise. The English translation of the UV editor does not appear to be compatible with the latest version of the PMDEditor. After running some driver updates, and downloading the original version of the plugin, I have been capable of successfully launching the editor with the plugin installed.

                I apologise once again if I have been a nuisance in any way, and thank you for assisting me in resolving this issue.

                • February 27, 2018    

                  It’s okay, as long as you succeed. (^_^)_b

                  If I remember correctly, there are different plugin versions for PMDE and PMXE, and the translated version only applies to PMXE. Then again, you might find it useful to move to PMXE altogether and convert models that you edit into a newer format. Comparing to PMDE, its interface may look a tad intimidating at first (and that comes from personal experience!), but trust me, in the end you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

                  • Ayla Ayla
                    February 27, 2018    

                    I see now I should have selected PMXE instead of PMDE – all of the tutorials are in PMXE.

                    Thank you for your advice and your assistance.

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