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Departures Meme Is a Beautiful MMD Project

"Departures" meme for MMD is a beauty! Memes are like KITS for MMD!

Departures Meme Is a Beautiful MMD Project A few days ago I found a cute Chibi-Miku model … and yesterday I discovered the “Departures” meme for MikuMikuDance on YouTube. For me, it was the perfect match.   Watch the video … study that lip-sync


Create an MMD Video using the “Happy Hands” Meme

Everything is loaded and ready to "Play!" ... Happy Hands MMD Meme.

Let’s put together the “Happy Hands”  meme! A meme is a quick and easy way to generate an MMD animation and video. They are a great way to show off your latest models, too! A meme is like a kit that you open and assemble in MikuMikuDance. It will have a motion file and a […]


MMD Theme Video “Let’s Dance NOW!” Describes Why We Love MMD

MMD Theme Video “Let’s Dance NOW!” says it ALL! WHEN YOUR FRIENDS ASK YOU about MikuMikuDance (if you even let them know about it! “;o) what do you tell them? As an “adult” I say it’s a freeware 3D Animation program themed around musical dancing performances that I can create using my home computer. Everything […]


Download New MMD Model of Miku by Zelda09pokemon

Zelda09pokemon's Miku with dark shades and black jacket.

Download New MikuMikuDance Model of Miku by Zelda09pokemon On YouTube I came across a video by Zelda09pokemon in which he makes this model of Miku available for download: http://youtu.be/vC4N4CjdcM4. In the description he includes the links and the appropriate credits. You will see that the link in the video’s description takes you to the author’s […]


Dueling Banjos w Metronome MMD Inspiration Video on YouTube

Dueling Banjos with Metronome MMD Inspiration Video is now on YouTube! I needed to see some progress on my “Dueling Banjos” project, so I made this video just to put a smile on my face. We see the metronome ticking-out the tempo along with my “Dueling Banjos” models and accessories onstage just to inspire me […]

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