MMD Project “I WANNA PARTY!” features great motion files by o Savvy o

… features great motion files by o Savvy o

I realize that I am late to the party… this motion set has been around for quite some time… and there are MANY videos of it on YouTube… Check them out… so many videos and so many “looks” and “moods”…

I saw THIS animation  by o Savvy o and thought it might be a PERFECT MMD project to feature on LearnMMD!


MMD Project "I WANNA PARTY!" features great motion files by o Savvy oYou can download the  ZIP folder containing the motions for three models and the camera… and it includes the WAV file…. from the o Savvy o video.

(Be sure to leave a comment there to thank o Savvy o for that download!)

Contents of the I WANNA PARTY! ZIP folder... Take a look at the files inside the folder…

BB is for the main man (Len)

Savvy is for the back-up (Rin)

and V is for the third model (that’d be Miku in my version)

… and CAM, of course, is for the Camera motion.

The models might need EDITING!

The models you choose will need to have a mother-bone (All Parent bone) … MOST newer PMX models DO have that bone. I am using the old Animasa .PMD models and, as downloaded, they do not have a motherbone. I added a motherbone in PMXE… it’s easy to do… be sure to save each modified model under a new name, like, Miku-with-Motherbone.

o Savvy o tells us that the models should have a waist-bone… I went ahead and used my models, anyway… and they look good!

The LearnMMD Stage by Trackdancer!

My test video has a HUGE amount of COLOR thanks to Trackdancer’s LearnMMD Stage. Be sure to read all of the instructions that come with the stage… you will also want to add the Autoluminous MME effect so as to “turn on the lights” of that beautiful stage.

Load your models… load your motions!

My version of the project just about “fell into place.” I loaded the Stage…  I loaded the WAV… I loaded the Camera motion, I loaded a model and then added a motion file to it… loaded a model and added a motion file to it… loaded a model and added a motion file to it… I set the animation length as 0 to 4050 frames… and I pushed PLAY… FUN… Looks great!

MMD Project "I WANNA PARTY!" looks great on the MMD GUI!

Motion Collisions between Models and model-parts…

Each MMD model is an individual… each with it’s own dimensions… so only rarely will you find a .VMD motion file that is one-size-fits-all… you must adjust the downloaded motion files to fit your particular models.

As mentioned, o Savvy o recommends that your models have a waist-bone… and all of the models must have a mother-bone. … and then, even so… the models will have collisions on-stage until you work to modify the motion data to avoid those collisions.  Watch for instance of one model passing through another… and watch for moments when a model’s arm might pass through his own face or chest.

As in THIS instance where you will want to either adjust the mother-bones so as to keep the models apart or move the Center-bone to get the job done.

The secret for a good-looking video… KEEP AT IT!

There will be MANY adjustments needed… even the Camera motion will need to be adjusted so as to fit the height of your models… some models are short… others are tall… one camera-motion probably will not fit ALL models.

After you get the motions looking good… consider the camera… then consider what EFFECTS you might add…

If you upload a video to YouTube, Give it a good title that includes MMD and “I Wanna Party!”… KEEP THE FAITH-MMD!… leave full credits for o Savvy o and that original video with the Download link. Leave credits for your models and stage… and the effects you use.

More than anything else…
Have FUN with MikuMikuDance!


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