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Download ARROW Lip-Sync Soundtrack Zip Folder

After a fat Eight or Ten Hours… I have my Arrow Lip-Sync finished! Lip-Sync as a separate animation file… I started this project with a soundtrack, a stage set-up, and some camerawork. I added some effects… and NOW it’s time for the animation! … but first… the lip-sync! My Arrow lip-sync took me, like I […]


My latest Halloween video is a Scream!

Hey! So Halloween has passed, but My latest Halloween video is a Scream! Here it is… take a look! Creepy right? This is even scary for me! AUDIO First I needed some good creepy audio, so I went to freesound.org When I found the audio, I put it all together in Audicity®, with layers. It […]


Arrow MMD Animation Video Finished in only Six Weeks!

The making of… My new “Arrow” MMD Animation and video! About six weeks ago I was listening to Melanie’s “Freedom Knows My Name” CD and the “Arrow” song caught my imagination… “Wouldn’t that make a nice MMD animation… a “Diva” song… for an MMD model to sing?” … ? The Process… I created the animation […]


Make a “Dream Fighter” MMD Music Video

How do I make an MMD music video? Where can I download what I need to make an MMD music video? This video is just a 90-second test of a fun project you can download and try using MMD. I loaded my models… loaded the motion data… loaded the WAV file… and pushed PLAY. That’s […]


New MMD animation finished except for the animation!

I started this MMD animation with music, camerawork, and effects… and the actual animation is coming last! Can Animasa’s Haku pull-off a Diva performance?? It’s all finished except for the animating… ! … Rather than starting with the animation, I started with the soundtrack and the camera-blocking… and the effects. Now all I have to […]


Making my new “Rin Needs a Hug” Zero-to-450 Challenge Video

– After breakfast this morning I decided I wanted to give Rin a hug. It’s one of the Zero-to-450.com Challenges offered on that site. The challenge is simple: Rin needs a hug… give Rin a hug. The idea is to create your own animation from scratch with a 15-second, 450-frame time limit. My new “Rin […]

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