Animation Lag may “blur” your playback in MikuMikuDance

Animation Lag may “blur” your playback. Why don’t I see the motion that I just entered during playback? Why don’t the mouth shapes look like what I animated? Why can’t MikuMikuDance show sudden movements?A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on

Animation Lag occurs when running MMD on an older, slower computer system. MMD is a powerhouse program that uses your computer’s CPU to the max! … and slower systems cannot keep up.

I have noticed that when I render my animation to an AVI file, the resulting video animation is sharper than what I see on my monitor during PLAY in MikuMikuDance. When I try for some fast lip movements, they sort of “fudge” together during playback … but they appear crisp and clear after I have saved the animation in an AVI format. It may be, in fact I know it IS, because my old computer is slow at processing MMD data in real time. As I write this, 9/4/2011, I am running an older computer … a Compaq Presario 6320US with a 1.67GHz processing speed, XP Service Pack 3, and a graphics board that I last upgraded in 2005 … a Raedon XTASY PCI board. I figure I am lucky to be online … let alone able to run Miku Miku Dance!

The message, here, is to know that, when outputting your animation to an AVI format, MMD carefully processes each frame that is to be rendered. Any sudden moves that you tried to create will probably work well after it is rendered … even though that motion looked soft or, did not even show up when you Played it on MMD.


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