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MMD Error FAILED TO START because d3dx9_32.dll was not found

I downloaded the DirectX 9c update but I stillA Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.com get the “d3dx9_32.dll was not found” error message! I had the missing DLL error so I updated DirectX but I still get that error message when I open MikuMikuDance. Miku Miku Dance won’t open, It says I have a missing DLL file!

d3dx9_32.dll was not found

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MikuMikuDance 7.39 is a modern DirectX “game” … and you need to be running a current version of DirectX … or, at least, a version that fully supports DirectX 9.

When I first tried MMD 7.39 I got a “DxOpenNI.dll was not found” error. After some digging I found a DirectX update from Microsoft. Once I had it, Microsoft wouldn’t show me that page, again, so I have made that download available to you here: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/dealing-with-the-missing-dll-error/

That worked for me … MMD runs just fine on my old Dell XP SP3 machine. I DID have to upgrade the original graphics card in order to rum MME (MikuMikuEffects).

Many Readers Report…
“d3dx9_32.dll was not found”

Even after that DirectX 9c update from our Downloads page … some of our readers are still having DirectX issues. The most common one is the “d3dx9_32.dll was not found” error.

I have a new ZIP for you, contaiGet the missing d3dx9_32.dll file and fix the d3dx9_32.dllnot found error! LearnMMD.comning that file …

After some web research, I found a a nice article describing a method for making this fix. The page had so many ads that it was difficult to read the article. I did a copy/paste to make a new WORD document of that article. All of the original source info and a link to the original article is in the new page.  Following those steps will be the best method to solve your DirectX problems.

If you are STILL having that same error, “d3dx9_32.dll was not found”, Here are the files included in this latest zip.try the copy of that file I have included in the new ZIP file.

The author of that article says not to download some guy’s version of that file, but, instead, get your update from Microsoft.  That isn’t working for everyone … so go ahead and use the d3dx9_32.dll file in my zip.

Installation is easy. Put the new DLL file where you can find it. Click START in the lower left of your monitor. Click My Computer. Double-Click Local Disc: C, Double-Click the Windows folder … now … drag-and-drop that new DLL file into the folder named “system32”. That’s it. Close the windows.

Open MMD 7.39 … Success?? – I hope so!


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  1. Reko Reko
    September 6, 2017    

    I have windows 10 on my computer and it’s been recently wiped kinda so i lost my d3dx9_43.dll for MikuMikuDanceE_v926x64 and couldn’t find the dll anywhere nothing i found was helpful does anyone have a link i can go to?

  2. Sass Sass
    April 13, 2017    

    Alright, so, like anyone would do, I have scrolled through the comments, downloaded all of the “new” software available and installed it/copy pasted/tried pretty much everything. I may not be as computer savvy as a lot of people could or should be by now, however, I still am unable to run MMD after hours of copy past/download install cross fingers uninstall delete/redownload/ etc. etc…

    Yes, I have located and installed/copy pasted into the System32 folder, and yes, I have downloaded and installed the currently available DirectX and MMD on my Win8.1 (according to the pc information page available on my computer) laptop.

    If someone could direct me something else to try, that would be most helpful, thank you. c:

    • April 13, 2017    

      What is the “currently available” DirectX you speak of? MMD requires a specific 9.0c Runtime library that our Downloads and Troubleshooting pages refer to. Installing DirectX 11 or whatever is available to you will not solve your problem. Copypasting .dlls will not solve your problem.

      (Note to Reggie: this page and a dozen of others should be cleansed by fire that is long, *long*, LONG overdue. No SEO considerations can justify continued misleading visitors).

      • Sass Sass
        April 13, 2017    

        The DirectX that is available through a post on this website that leads me to the Microsoft web page for the download.

        • April 13, 2017    

          Did you install it as the Troubleshooting page instructs?

          • Sass Sass
            April 13, 2017    

            I just have now- to be honest, it’s a bit embarrassing but I was running it through the wrong folder as it was trying to operate through the one labeled TEMP, not the one TMP and I now ran it through both the MMD 9.26 and 9.26 x64-bit. This time, however, I have received a different error message:

            “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

            Runtime Error!

            This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

            Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

            • Sass Sass
              April 13, 2017    

              To update my previous comment; I think the matter somehow resolved itself as I just downloaded the MMD 7.39 version and it gets me into the program itself.

            • April 13, 2017    

              Make sure you have installed MS Visual C++ Redistributable packs (also listed on Troubleshooting page).

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